Pak Embassy in attendance for Tauqir Sadiq


On the instructions of the Ambassador, Pakistani Embassy in Abu Dhabi was in attendance on Sunday to facilitate extradition of Touqir Sadiq.

According to a press release issued on Sunday by the Embassy, the extradition file sent by NAB authorities reached Cargo Office Abu Dhabi airport yesterday evening. The Embassy staff, without waiting for the courier company to deliver it next day, immediately rushed to the airport to collect the file directly from the cargo to avoid any delays.

The NAB team was also contacted to reach the Embassy. The Embassy officer and NAB team signed and attested the extradition file at 2000 hrs. The file was then dispatched to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs at 2200 hrs. The UAE Foreign Ministry was closed and accordingly the file was delivered to the UAE Foreign Ministry this morning i.e. Sunday at 0830 hrs.

The Embassy ensured that the diplomatic documents are prepared instantly and submitted through diplomatic channels. With the efforts of the Embassy, accused Touqir Sadiq is under detention with the UAE authorities since end of January 2013.

The extradition process has legally and diplomatically commenced today after the arrival of the file dispatched by NAB. An expeditious action is expected from the UAE Foreign Ministry in view of intense prior diplomatic communication and their meetings with the Ambassador. NNI


  1. I have my doubts. The mafias of power and corruption will not let any harm happen to this man. After all he is not the only one who has gobbled this huge sum of money – who will let him do that under the 'watchful' eyes of YRZ, Raja Rental and master crook Zardar.

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