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Hating PPP was easy, until ECP stepped in!

With the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announcing to ensure implementation of Articles 62 and 63 of the constitution in order to filter out those politicians who have been evading taxes, getting loans waived, and holding fake degrees, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has initiated back channel negotiations with the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) to shoot down any such move.

A source in the ruling PPP told Pakistan Today that the PML-N had used back channels to convey to the PPP leadership its concerns over the ECP’s proactive approach on implementing Articles 62 and 63, thereby closing the parliament’s doors on top leaders of both the PPP and PML-N. “Surprisingly, the all-time hawk, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, has conveyed to us that both the parties should discuss a joint strategy to counter the ECP’s moves,” he added.

Another source in the PPP confirmed that top PPP leaders were also thinking on the same lines. “We know that something is cooking up somewhere with a plan to blocking doors on our top leaders,” he added.

The PPP leader said that if a joint strategy was not evolved, there was a strong possibility that several PPP leaders, including Khurshid Shah, would become a victim of Articles 62 and 63 due to the fake degree case. “There are some others in the PML-N who would also be a victim of Articles 62 and 63,” he added.

He said there were strong chances that over 200 top politicians, including Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif, would become victims of the said articles due to cases of bank default and loan write-offs. He said that the ECP’s move to tighten the noose around politicians by implementing Articles 62 and 63 of the constitution in true letter and spirit had annoyed parliamentarians belonging to both the government and the opposition.

According to the source, the ECP seems adamant in implementing Articles 62 and 63, which would mainly harm the two major political parties – the PPP and the PML-N – as more than 70 percent of parliamentarians have not yet submitted their income tax returns.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) have already assured the ECP of their help in identifying tax evaders, loan and utility bill defaulters and beneficiaries of loan write-offs, setting the stage for meaningful scrutiny of declarations of assets to be submitted by candidates.

In this regard, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Fakharuddin G Ebrahim also held detailed meetings with SBP Governor Yaseen Anwar, FBR chief Ali Arshad Hakeem and officials of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to filter out the tainted politicians. According to the decision, NAB would provide the ECP with the list of convicted politicians while the SBP would give the details of the defaulters on bank loans, and the FBR and NADRA would furnish the details about tax evaders.

However, the move has exposed the evil nexus between the two parties, as the two apparent rivals have resumed contacts to undermine the radical measures being taken with an attempt to cleanse the system of the corrupt.

Law Minister Farooq Naek, while speaking in the Senate a few days ago, had also warned the ECP that it should remain within its parameters and not exceed its powers.

Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, the one-time supporter of the ECP, said that he would never submit his degrees to the ECP even if he was disqualified, reflecting that both the parties had joined hands to counter the move, the source said.

The source said that the stern reaction by the government and the opposition was the first real test whether or not the ECP had the power and the will to carry out a transparent and fair exercise to cleanse the system of rotten eggs. However, the CEC’s phone to Chaudhry Nisar regarding clarification of the ECP’s position gives the impression that the commission backtracked from its real stance and its neutrality.

A parliamentary committee led by PPP leader Jehangir Badr might approach President Asif Ali Zardari in this regard, the source said. Apart from this, the PPP-led coalition and its rival PML-N are firm on their demand of allowing a 14-day scrutiny period, instead of the 30-day period sought by the ECP.

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  1. Muhammad Wajid said:

    ECP FILTERS:dual nationality,tax evaders,loan defaulter,utility bills defaulter,old fake degree cheats,Filter 62,filter 63 PROVE THE ASSETS ACCORDING TO RESOURCES OF INCOME. .and TAX RETURNS . . .

    • SHB said:

      I agree with you 100%. These people must be flushed thru the toilet until they pay back the loan. One of the cheater and dacoit is ex minister Mr Gillani wife . She is just small example . She got 547 million loan which was written off thru bankruptcy. She brought that loan down to 47 million and that amount was forgiven too. This is one example of highway robbery . One can find the detail by going to google web page under her name Fauzia Gillani.
      These loan defaulters not only be punished they should be put in jail for one hundred yrs.

      • Pappu Shah said:

        No one except these politicians would like to see such people representing us in the parliament. But had these people been so clean & character worthy, they won't be engaged in local politics in the first place.

  2. Mir said:

    Nisar Ali is from the party of sharifs. I wonder then how sharif are the non-sharifs !!

  3. Muhammad Wajid via Facebook said:

    ECP FILTERS:dual nationality,tax evaders,loan defaulter,utility bills defaulter,old fake degree cheats,Filter 62,filter 63 PROVE THE ASSETS ACCORDING TO RESOURCES OF INCOME. .and TAX RETURNS . . .

    • A Reader @TrSp said:

      PT sensors some very innocuous but straight comments. Sad very sad.

  4. pro-truth said:

    So the they like the law but dont like its implementation 🙂 what a gang of crooks on both sides!

  5. Muhammad Wajid via F said:

    ECP FILTERS:dual nationality,tax evaders,loan defaulter,utility bills defaulter,old fake degree cheats,Filter 62,filter 63 PROVE THE ASSETS ACCORDING TO RESOURCES OF INCOME. .and TAX RETURNS . . .

  6. Khokhar said:

    This is called Mukk Mukka what IK is trying to explain! Lets wait and see if we are nation or crowd! Last hope IK.

  7. Jatt said:

    O bhai jan koch nahi ho ga. Ye donu k0nj0r, nora or zar phir is qaum ki poray panch sal thokaingy

  8. khalid pathan said:

    It is in corruption that the two are united, What a shame? If Election Commission does not allow tax evaders and loan defaulters contesting elections, then one may hope that there is some hope in the future.

  9. desi said:

    If you vote for either one of these parties then you like being pumped from the rare end.Enough is enough,when will we learn.What more do we need to know to understand that they could careless about what happens to the Pakistani people and their country.

  10. Shahid said:

    Articles 62 & 63 must be implemented except amendments made by despicable Zia due to ulterior motives. Anybody convicted of criminal activity, bank loan default and tax default must be filtered. People who have confessed to major crimes like gambling in their books must also be axed.
    I would like to request the moderator of this website not to post filthy comments.

  11. ali said:

    so now people will realize the IK was right all along. So for Zardaro and Sharif plz bring the looted wealth back to Pakistan and pay taxes.

  12. Mumtaz Khan said:

    Getting/ benefitting from Fake Domiciles,
    False claims over Property,
    False Affidavits – Crimes against community – also merit inclusion in the list

  13. AQEEL said:


  14. Mohammed said:

    IK is a visionary and he predicted this along time ago. IK must do Qadri and invade Islambad now before its too late.

  15. Navees Ch said:

    i think the credit goes to Dr Qadri who put pressure on the system and rephrases about 62 and 63 very strongly. Now we have to open our eyes to see what,s going next. be united to get rid from these morons

  16. Raja said:

    Well well well! Qadri saabs reservations seem 2 be being proved correct. Wotta joke of a system including the ECP and the Supreme Court. All are a part of this satanic system!

  17. Kh Deen said:

    Well done Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, you have brought the awareness of article 62, 63, 218 and now these corrupt politicans are shaking!

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