‘China’s control of Gwadar will deter India’


China’s presence in the Gwadar port at the mouth of the Arabian Sea will deter India from carrying out any action planned against Pakistan, the Chinese state-media has said quoting an Islamabad-based think-tank.

Pakistan on Monday officially handed over the operations of the strategic Gwadar port from a Singaporean company to Beijing; the port was, in the first place, largely built by Chinese funding.

Gwadar has strategic importance for China as about 60% of its crude supply comes from Gulf countries that are close to Gwadar.

Indian anxiety over the presence of China is highly visible from what New Delhi is doing to counter the “so-called dragon’s threat”, the article from the Islamabad Policy Research Institute published by the state-run Global Times newspaper said.

“New Delhi is cooperating with US in Asia-Pacific and in India Ocean to contain the expanding power of China. The plans for the development of new sea ports in the Strait of Malacca are aimed to dominate the sea routes of the region. Presence of Indian and US military will create maritime barriers to China in times of conflict,” it said.

It put forward three reasons why India was uneasy about China controlling a port in Pakistan.

“First, Gwadar Port nullifies the India-US strategy of encircling China. Second, India is afraid that China may expand its influence in the Indian Ocean which may result in harming Indian interests. And third, India feels that the port would enable Pakistan to take control of more of the world energy circulation and interdiction of Indian tankers” it said.

It added that while expressing apprehension of Chinese presence in Gwadar, India seldom speaks about port of Chabahar in Iran New Delhi plans to invest a huge chunk of money to gain influence on the Arabian Sea.

The handing over the port to China was extensively covered by the state media here including the national broadcaster, China Central Television.

On Tuesday, foreign ministry spokesperson Hong Lei told reporters that the transfer of the managing rights is a business project that falls under trade and economic cooperation conducted between China and Pakistan.

Asked to comment on the strategic significance of the deal, Hong said, “Boosting China-Pakistan cooperation is not only in the interests of both countries, but also conducive to maintaining regional stability and development.”

Beijing provided about 75% of the initial funding of $250 million for building the port.


  1. Gwader is bound to get destructed if it was ever used military against India or Indian interest.No power can save Gwader from to get destructed should it be used militarily not even China.pakistan and china knows very well that nothing can deter India in Indian Ocean and if chinese thinks that it can defeat India as in 1962 then then they are living in illusions and fool paradise.

    • Calm down. All government & military folks love to talk about threat & counter threat, to scare the hell out of us, so they can demand more defense money. So China got Gwader, big deal. India got the port of Chabahan in Iran.

  2. you living in a dream world if you think you can take on China or need i remind you that they can kick your behind and all the blue water navy that you guys are dreaming of building with other countries technology. you have nothing, make nothing and can self supply nothing in case of hostilities. every weapon you show off is given to you against money

  3. Gwadar port is just an economic project for Pakistan and it will help not only locally but also rest of the country. Rest is all BULLS.

  4. China will dominate the filthy Indians in their own sea. Pakistan will become the global power and India will become annexed by Pakistan within 15 years becoming the newest global super power! Vectra is an example of why we must conquer India, they are filthy, uneducated buffoons ripe for the taken. Will China as our ally she (India) will submit.

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    • so, u accept that u are impotent so that u are dreaming that someone else counter india, lol. pity on u,, save your pakistan from american drones, who are killing your people sitting in your nation,, forget about india,, beggars can't be choosers,, you are not upto that..!! buhahahahaha. 😀

  6. Nobody will benefit from hatred between India & Pakistan. If China is Pakistans friend
    India should be an equal friend or better. India & Pakistan have a common culture and many of hundreeds of millions muslims live in India. There is no reason hostilities should continue. I wish both the countries will develop mutual trust and brotherhood. It will need hard work. Hate mongers from both sides should be discouraged.

  7. Indians should remain in their limits they think they are the most powerful country in the world and they can do what ever they can do with others but they always forget that we muslims ruled on them for more than 800 years

      • Yes becoz china and usa was not that time.. only we have an internal matters at bangladesh and that the benefits that you taken. but this time we are awared and fully prepared and that is why we took this step gawader and pak iran gas project.
        War can not be break even chinese built a naval base at gawader becoz all the three countries china, pak and india are nuclear powers but you can take a little thread for temporary and all the nuclear bombs holder using there bombs for peace by show off there powers.

  8. i think we should not look at the past and we should abstain from pointing fingers at one another and both these countries can progress in a good way if they promote trade,commerce,education .

  9. if someone think that war can make anything good then this is not the wise thing to do because during war from both the sides human is killed

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