SC rebukes police’s role in Shahzeb Khan murder case


Reprimanding police over its progress in the Shahzeb Khan murder case, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked on Thursday that “law is meant for dispensing justice, and not for saving anyone”.

Presiding over a three-member bench of the Supreme Court (SC), the CJP remarked that the whole nation was following the case but the police was trying to abolish it. “If one brick is placed in a wrong manner then the entire wall goes twisted. Policing is no more existing in the country therefore the crime rate and a sense of deprivation is growing,” he added.

Police Inspector Mubin appeared before the court, while Ibrahim Satti represented the accused, Shah Rukh.

Police presented the progress report on the case. In its report, police said the challan against the four accused persons had been completed and presented in the court. The medical report has been received wherein Shah Rukh has been declared adult and his year of birth is 1993, police said. It further said that an unlicensed pistol had been used in the crime, adding that the weapon had been seized. As per forensic report, a bullet was shot from the pistol and the vehicle used in the crime was owned by Shahzad, who is Shah Rukh’s brother. Shahzad was driving the vehicle on a transfer letter, the report added. Police further said in its progress report that it was investigating the case from every angle.

The CJP observed that maintaining a vehicle on a transfer letter was an offence. “Why action has not been taken on this count. Most of the vehicles are running on transfer letter in Karachi and that is why these vehicles are being used in crimes as well,” he added.

Justice Khilji Arif Hussain observed that the culprits are released due to wrong investigation by the police. The court expressed dissatisfaction over the report and sought a new report and record from the police again on Friday.

Reprimanding Investigation Officer Mubin for not presenting the police file in the court, the CJ demanded that all files related to the case be presented in the court. “No walkover will be given. This case is a test for police and the court. Only Inspector Mubin is left in Sindh police for investigating the case? If he is isolated from investigation, the matters will improve,” the CJP said. The court directed that the police file be presented before it on Friday. “Police came in the court but it left its precious file back home. What meaning we may derive from it,” the CJP remarked.

He further enquired that on whose bidding the police surgeon had declared the accused a juvenile. “No one will be allowed to influence the case. We want transparent investigation in the case,” he said.

Inspector Mubin told the court that the first surgeon had declared Shah Rukh a juvenile. The court enquired who had asked the surgeon to do so. It is necessary that this fact be ascertained, the court said.

The CJP remarked that if dishonesty is to be committed by the police, then investigations may be closed.

The accused’s counsel Ibrahim Satti said what was being done with his client was “all wrong”. The CJP remarked that law was meant for administering justice rather than saving anyone. “Do you want that we acquit the accused?” the CJP asked. Satti replied: “I want that I may be heard.”

The CJ observed: “We will hear you on Friday. You are doing nothing except delivering a speech.” Satti said: “What is left now. My client is going to be hanged.”

Azam Khan told the court that action had been taken against the person involved in issuing boarding card to Shah Rukh. He said that the air ticket was purchased in the name of Shah Rukh. The ticket was purchased from Fazal-e-Rabbi Travel. Talha Hussain who had issued the boarding card has been arrested, Khan said, adding that directives had been issued for taking action against ASF authorities.

Azam Khan said: “We want identification of such persons who helped the accused flee from the country. Fazl-e-Rabbi did not complete the whole procedure with reference to the issuance of the ticket.”

The CJ remarked: “No action has been taken against any police officer who is involved in wrongdoing. If the accused is not convicted, then everyone will become free of fear.”

The court, while seeking all record of the case, adjourned the hearing until Friday (today).