2500 Hazara families to get Australian immigration


Australian government has offered asylum to 2500 Hazara families from Quetta to protect them from the sectarian violence while urging the United Nations agencies concerned for refugees to facilitate the immigration process.

Assistant Secretary Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia held several meetings with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in this regard.
According to reports, Australian government is willing to accommodate 2500 families or 7,000 individuals from Quetta in Australian cities.

A UNHCR told media that the Australian government has asked their assistance in facilitating Shiite community in the wake of sectarian attacks on them.
Media sources reported that the Ministry of States and Frontier Regions (Safron) had been informed about Australia’s offer.

Hazara community is the frequent target of sectarian violence in the region for many years but the frequency and scale of attacks have been intensified recently by terrorist outfits.

On Saturday, more than 100 members of the Shia Hazara community were killed in a bomb attack in Quetta. The dead included 33 registered Afghan refugees, triggering condemnation from the UNHCR that asked authorities to protect the lives of refugees in this hour of sadness.


  1. I can hear Musharraf saying "the Hazaras like getting killed in order to get immigration to Australia".

      • @observer you hit the nail in the heart of Musharraf lovers and @cobra its good time you can get this opportunity to be Australian citizen and part of team of your ideal runaways

        • @ Nazia ………. rest assured you will also be with us when we welcome this true Pakistani on his return.

          • @cobra yes sure with rotten tomatoes and eggs with your kind permission.More than this is not in my range to welcome this runaway or displaced Pakistani general on his self exiled bases

        • @Nazia, i read and respect your quick opinions on how ur right and everyone is wrong. i wanted to read about your grand vision of Pakistan in 2050. Please oblige. Take a few days no problem..You will need it…if we dont hear from you, we will understand why…

          • Nazia don't worry. Let these ignorant guys choose to say what they say. These guys are living in a fool's paradise and are living in complete denial. This is what the problem is with these people. Instead of facing stark reality, these ' frog- in-a-well' guys choose to bury their collective heads in sand like ostriches do thinking that the problems do not exist. Poor guys.

        • hope one day you face the same circumstances as hazara people are facing only then would u realize what is like to lose some one by some cowards(laskar e jhangvi).Its not just hundred people killed in those blasts but hundred families how would they survive under such hardship and no to provide for them

          • @asif read carefully I have appreciated two guys with their own approaches and even then you are taunting me
            Sure I am quite clear what would be our future if our military and US supremacy will continue to overrule our civil rights and we would be like Uganda, Ghana or Ethiopia or Nigeria or what ever you can evaluate in equivalence to these countries just read their present situation and it would be our future in 2050. any thing else you want to share with me I will remain here till God and terrorists will allow me.

          • @hussain never ever curse even to your enemies with such words.We have become speechless nation for victims of terrorism in our country .This is happening on daily bases and taking our nation to become sadist or kind of serial killers like species in coming years.By giving free hand to such killings we are providing fertile home ground for cultivating more carcinogenic seeds of hatred on the bases of sects and ethnic bases.

    • sory mr musharraf all people says that but their is a big difference between hearing and saying u wil know the reality when u wil see the situation of hazaras in pakistan they r being targeted from 14yr why for wt reason what was their fault becox they r hazara shia and innocent ,becox they want a good future for their child and want peace now alot of child are being orphen most of familes become owner less come see and can u give courage to that mothers whoes child,husband,sister.wife wil wont come back and can u weap their tears i am hazara girl i was in that situation u wont know its pain and never wil becox we cant feel that when it wont come on us 🙁

  2. whilst any assistance for the Hazara people is LONG overdue and really not enough, i wonder if this just a sneaky way for the australian government to criticise pakistan? and yes, there are certainly some valid criticisms to be made, but australia can hardly paint itself as the great protector of refugees and the downtrodden . . . .

  3. We The Muslims of Pakistan (Shia & Sunni) strongly condemn this humiliated Australian asylum for our beloved Hazara Community. Who said that we cannot protect our Hazara Shia and Sunni brothers from these US And Saudi Terrorists (Lashkar-e Jhangvi). We are with you dear Hazara's. You should reject this so called Australian asylum.

    • Oh no, don't say that.This is my chance of a lifetime visa. I am prepared to pay 2 lacs for it.

  4. Pakistani Govt & State should be ashamed when its citizens are offered protection in abroad. In the wake of the Hazara Shia genocide; Lashkar-e-Jhangavni (LeJ) has issued another warning to Hazara people for further attacks.

  5. It is a blot on Pakistan if other countries start offering asylum to Pakistanis. Let’s face it Pakistan is now a failed state and only a miracle from Allah can save it. And yes I liked Observer’s comment regarding Gen Musharraf’s remarks that he may have uttered from his hiding place in Dubai/London.


  7. i think we as wholenation is sleeping cant u notice a simple point the day pakistan handed over gawadar port to china the nextday Quetta blastsoccur america is using Lashkar and other orginizations like TTP and SSP to make an easy way to the READEOCK mines this is only a start 1nce 7000 people will be migrated they can easily manage to get 7000 more on sponsership basis as as soon as the ground gets vacant our land will be in the Hands of NWO USA, just a simple over view of the current situation plz think

    • "…blah..blah………. just a simple over view of the current situation plz think"

      A simple view from a simpleton!

  8. quetta hazara people need attention form all over the world. why th nation is sleeping why not we gather our self and creat our votes against the brutality . shame on you government of pakistan.
    akhlaq toori

    • thus who is killing the hazara people ? this is 100% sure that THIS IS THE HAND OF LASHKARI JHANGWI AND SSP .

  9. no wonder why our foreign policy remained pro American.. and now that china has taken over the gawadar port and that Iran gas pipeline deal done under the table i guess pretty much clear why the these attacks are happenin hazar and all

  10. to all..
    it's only felt when you have the pain… when blood shed's from your heart…
    dicussing morans(politican's) is easy but picking the dead bodies of your own is really very painfull..
    Think if you have humanity and pain for humans..

  11. hello im hazara boy i live in pakistan peshawar before i live in queta pakistan alot off bomb blosts on there i come in peshawar my family alot of pain there so anyone can tell me is this real austrelia want hazara ppl in there place ?

  12. Hi , This is just a game of community how is just 2% to show off innocents themselves . if they knew who is terrorist why they not given evidence about them, actually they are real violence maker in our country…..

  13. yes,I should say a well done to the Australian government for this great sense of humanitarian and to those who are Pakistani shia people and do not want to immigrate to Australia,they can stay here as long as they want. Noone will harm them except the lashkar jangwi.

  14. i m living in Karachi the city of crimes.target killings,are occurs regularly .i m a teacher living with my son and also shia .how can i get asylum for Australia?im feeling v insecured in this condition .

  15. ASLAM A LAIKUM i am belong to hazara i want to migrate australia with my family so please contact me 0092 332 5204416

  16. dear sir,
    lashkar-e-jhangvi not only target HAZARA people,they target shia people,i am educated with technical education +business administration, want to safe life of my small child with my family.
    we want to get immigration for safe life.
    that,s my right safe life,best education for my child,
    kindly mail me for guidance.

    khurram zaidi
    [email protected]

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    to be shared around the internet. Shame on Google for no longer positioning this submit upper!
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  18. I am Hazara,and belong to Quetta, I want to migrate with my faimly to Australia,my mobile no is .00923003820655.

  19. Pakistan is land talibans, housands of Shia highly educated people killed since Gen Zias regime. We request Int community for stressing Pak govt to ptotect innocent people. Australian govt is doing great job to protect human life. Really great nations do such humanitarian aid..

  20. my name is qurban ali shah naqvi wants migrate from pakistan to australia with my family due to the secterian voilence and especially targeting shia muslim at pakistan. need some suport and guide line
    [email protected]

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