Sunny Leone is the most searched Bollywood celebrity in the world


The adult star-turned-Bollywood actress was searched online 3.5 crore times in December 2012 Ever since shifting base to India and Bollywood, Sunny Leone has consistently found a place in most popularity polls. It’s no surprise then, that the adult star is currently the most searched Bollywood celebrity in the world. In December 2012, she was searched 3.5 crore times, as per cumulative data gathered from Google, YouTube and the Times of India website. Considering her profile, second ranker Katrina Kaif, with 1.6 crore searches should not grudge her this place. While the ladies do take the cake in this list, Salman Khan is the only male star in the top 5. With his box-office prowess, his charisma and his power to captivate the masses, Salman has successfully captured the imagination of the lowest common denominator. It’s obvious then, that everyone wants to know everything about him, bringing his total to a massive 1 crore searches. While the actresses do feature high in the search list, it is the actors who get paid more.
Rank Actor Dec 2012 searches
1 Sunny Leone 3.5 crore
2 Katrina Kaif 1.6 crore
3 Aishwarya Rai 1.1 crore
4 Salman Khan 1 crore
5 Kareena Kapoor 87 lakh
6 Aamir Khan 80 lakh
7 Akshay Kumar 73 lakh
8 Vidya Balan 61 lakh
9 Kajal Aggarwal 59 lakh
10 Mallika Sherawat 56 lakh
11 Emraan Hashmi 52 lakh
12 Deepika Padukone 52 lakh
13 Priyanka Chopra 49 lakh
14 Shah Rukh Khan 48 lakh
15 Genelia D’Souza 43 lakh
16 Karisma Kapoor 41 lakh
17 Amitabh Bachchan 39 lakh
18 Madhuri Dixit 39 lakh
19 Ajay Devgn 39 lakh
20 Anushka Sharma 35 lakh


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