I don’t mind being a Latina sex symbol: Vergara


Sofia Vergara has admitted that she doesn’t mind being typecast as a Latina sex symbol. “Oh I love it! It’s fantastic. I don’t have to do any research like, ‘How am I gonna play her?’ No! I just learn my lines and that’s it,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying. The 40-year-old actress, who hails from Colombia, has been raising eyebrows as hot-stuff housewife Gloria in ‘Modern Family’ – the hit US sitcom shown on Sky1 – but she reckons her character is pretty true to life. She said that Latina characters are usually sexy and voluptuous on screen, “but then that’s just how Latin women are.” Vergara said that a doctor or a dentist in Colombia or Venezuela will look like her. She said that it’s a fact, as they’re all voluptuous and they all dress up sexy. “We don’t see it as a bad thing that the world sees us like that because it’s how we are,” she added.