20 criminals arrested in Pindi


Rawalpindi police on Saturday arrested 20 lawbreakers and seized 1318 grams charas, 33 bottles of liquor and three pistols of 30 bore with 21 rounds from the arrested accused.

According to a police spokesman, City police held Zeeshan with 150 grams OF charas, Kamran with 135 grams charas, Ehsan on recovery of 162 grams charas while another accused namely Jameel was arrested for having 124 grams charas.

Pirwadhai police arrested Noor, Nawaz and Sharif with 110, 105 and 110 grams of charas respectively while Waris Khan police apprehended Sarfraz with 150 grams of charas. RA Bazaar police held Naeem for carrying 147 grams of charas and Khuram with 125 grams of charas.

Other accused were arrested on recovery of liquor and illegal weapons.