SNGPL a pauper:Hussain


Adviser to Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain on Thursday said that Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) would default if not subsidized by the Federal government.
During a briefing to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources, Dr Asim said that the “Prime minister should take notice of the plight of SNGL which is on the verge of collapse and has no money to pay salaries”. The advisor demanded of the Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf to subsidise the entity to ensure maintenance of its day to day operations. He said that “the prime minister had directed implementation of parliamentarians’ gas development schemes, but the gas companies do not have the capacity to fulfill orders, and require urgent financial assistance.”

Hussain identified and held Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) responsible for the plight of SNGPL alleging that OGRA was patronizing gas theft and financial irregularities in the sector. However, OGRA Chairman Saeed Khan denied the allegations and blamed gas companies for not drafting policies to curb thefts. Saeed told the parliamentary panel that “if the petroleum adviser wants to shut down Ogra, he should go ahead and do it, but, I want to remind you that that all countries are strengthening the regulators except us”.
During the meeting, progress over Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project was also reviewed and the standing committee was told that Pakistan’s state-owned firm Inter-State Gas Systems and Tadbir Energy Costar Iranian Co would sign a contract for laying of the pipeline today (Friday).

Engineer Tariq Khattak told the meeting that Pakistan and Iran would go ahead with the project despite opposition from the US, which has imposed economic & trade sanctions on Tehran, forcing it to call of its nuclear ambitions.
According to Hussain, the Iranian company will complete the process of constructing the pipeline in 15 months. Frontier Works Organisation (FWO), Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) and Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) will also take part in the laying down of the pipe.
The 781 km long pipeline would be laid within duration of 15 months with an estimated cost of Rs190 million per kilometer.

Cases of 69 CNG stations under scrutiny of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) were also reviewed by the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources.


  1. What to talk of SNGPL…..the whole country is going to become a pauper…..thanks to this democratic elected govt….

  2. Yes but all who worked on its top or lower positions have become rich men of Pakistan.Get the facts from its almost all top ex executives are running and doing top class business and living like kings of Pakistan.

  3. New chief National anti corruption Bureau boasts that in four month 35 references were made against corruption since he took over, and hundreds and corers of rupees were recovered through plea bargain. Why plea bargain ? . Bargain for what ?. Bargain with criminals to recover nations own embezzled money ?.
    The correct statement from the New Chief should have that since he took office hundred of thieves and embezzlers were stripped out of their ill gotten wealth , there properties made from corruption seized and sold to recover embezzled money and they were sent to Gail for twenty years

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