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Laptops, cash, mobile phones snatched!

Three robbers snatched mobile phone, laptop and cash from a citizen named Sajjid and escaped from the scene from Hali Road, Gulberg. A citizen named Mateen was deprived from his motorbike, carrying the registration number LER-6333, from Iqbal Town.
Unidentified men opened fire and murdered a 35-years old man in the area of Chongh. Police source said that the man was killed in honor
Sundar Police arrested a drug dealer named Naveed and recovered eight kilogramme hashish from his possession.
CIA Police arrested nine members of a robbery gang. Cash, weapons and other valuables were recovered from their possession. Green Town police raided and arrested 9 gamblers. A dead body of a she-male named Jano was recovered from a house in Pindi Stop, Liaqatabad. Police said Jano had eaten something poisonous.

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