PML-N divided over MQM’s offer for future alliance


The major political move by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) of offering an olive branch to its former adversary – the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) – has put the PML-N leadership in a quandary, sources told Pakistan Today.
According to details, the option of joining hands with the MQM has triggered divisions within the PML-N ranks. A source in the MQM told Pakistan Today that the PML-N was contacted through parliamentary sources and an offer for a possible electoral alliance in the future was made, adding that the aim was to exclude the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) from the political scene after the upcoming elections.
“We have expressed the desire to work out differences to make the environment conducive for a possible future coalition government in the centre and in Sindh,” the source said. The PPP enjoys support in rural Sindh while the MQM has public support in urban areas. The PML-N has no option but to forge an electoral alliance with the MQM which has over 50 MPs in the house of 162 members. For formation of any alliance, the PML-N would have to enter into an alliance either with the PPP or the MQM.
“We have approached the PML-N with total sincerity to work closely during and after the next elections. Options are open for shaping up a new alliance,” the MQM leader said.
A source in the PML-N confirmed the contact between the parties, adding that the party leadership was divided over forming an alliance with MQM.
“The MQM’s offer has put the leadership in quandary since the leadership is divided over what to do,” the source said, adding “Nawaz Sharif has started in-house discussions and has sought feedback in this regard. However, this has led to serious divisions within the party.” The source said that National Assembly Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and the Sindh chapter of the party had rejected any alliance with the MQM, stating that in doing so the PML-N would lose confidence of the Sindhi nationalist parties as well as of the PML-F and other stakeholders.
“If the PML-N accepts the offer, it might cost the party heavily as the nationalist leaders from Sindh could possibly part their ways with the party, who recently joined the PML-N in an alliance,” the source added. “Moreover, it seems next to impossible that the PML-N leadership would be able to convince Mumtaz Bhutto, who recently joined the party, because he is a staunch opponent of the MQM,” the source added.
The source said Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was in favour of giving a serious thought to the offer because it would mean that the PPP would have to face tough competition, but he might not be able to convince other leaders of the party. When contacted, PML-N Secretary Information Mushahidullah Khan expressed ignorance about any offer made by the MQM. “Look, contacts are made between the political parties but I am not in a position to confirm any contact. But you know contacts are made between parliamentarians normally. There are many unofficial contacts but I am not aware of an official one,” he added.


  1. the solution is very simple. Tell MQM wait till elections result and after looking how many seats deficit they are having in Sindh they can plan negotiation accordingly. In that way they have to accept less demands of MQM.

  2. make an alliance only in sindh, and ask even mumtaz bhutto to lead the area, let them be a part of govt. and give a life to a new era in sindh. its PMLN AND MQM+SINDH PARTIES GOVT.

  3. it will be suicidal for PML-N….to join with MQM….becoz MQM proved to be fascist party,who is living his last days….MQM…always blackmail the ruling parties…

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