SC dismisses Qadri’s petition


The Supreme Court has dismissed Tahirul Qadri’s petition regarding the reconstitution of the Election Commission today, Geo News reported.

During today’s proceddings, the Chief Justice remarked, that there are more than 100 registered political parties, 342 elected members of the National Assembly and many political parties that are not part of the assemblies, yet no one but Tahirul Qadri has any reservations over the Election Commission.

The Chief Justice asked Qadri how his rights were being infringed upon, adding that he will have to prove the purity of his intentions since he has suddenly appeared on the national stage.

Dr Qadri responded, that his dual nationality was being subjected to a media trial, and his loyalty was being brought into question. Tahirul Qadri then became personal and equated taking an oath from the Queen to one taken from former dictator Pervez Musharraf.

While Dr. Qadri’s personal attack on the Supreme judiciary fell into ground for contempt charges being brought against him, the Supreme Court let him off with a warning.

Dr. Tahirul Qadri pleaded the court that he be allowed to cite different court rulings, to which the Chief Justice replied that before that the Doctor should argue his fundamental rights (that have been infringed upon).

The Chief Justice added, that the petition has been submitted in a personal capacity, and the petitioner is not eligible to contest elections, therefore he must prove his right to petition.

Qadri replied to the bench, that for three days he is being put on trial, by asking such questions that the constitution does not even allow to be asked – to which the Chief Justice remarked, that everyone who appears before the court is liable to be questioned.


  1. Qadri is first Pakistani and then something else.The was not pertaining to Dual nationality, it was agasint the selection of EC members that never came under discussion.What is going on, the nation is confused.
    What Qadri has done , no politician could even dream of this.God bless our country

  2. Our dear mr . Qadri was taking it easy. He has been given a bad treatment by the Court. He was thinking that Court will give verdict in his favour. He appeared shaken. He accused the Court About injustice done to him by not hearing the case He literally abused the judges.
    He feel aggrevied over this situation. He must quit this non senswe and quit being the crusader. Justice has been rightly served in this case.

  3. This is just for the information of all readers and especially for Mr Qadri, China does not allow dual nationality. I think Pakistan should follow the same policy.

  4. This is regarding comment posted by Mr Mukhtar.
    Mr Qadri is no more Pakistani first once he took the oath to defend Canada.Mr Mukhtar is ignorant of Canadian law or living in Fool’s paradise.

  5. sorry to say but the true fact of the matter is that no pakistani is in a position to run pakistan, even i cant cuz we are all corrupt, all we do is just think about ourselves and we dont think of others such as the poor and the needy,but you hear the so called politions, they talk so much and offer so much before the elections but as soon as the elections are over they dont remember the promises that they made to the public,all they then think about is how to fill their swiss bank accounts or to to dubai etc.

  6. what i cant understand is that why all these political party members come on to tv programmes and fight like cats and dogs and yet they talk about jamooriat, do they actually know the meaning of the word? i think they all live in a cookoo land,and i think they need be civilised first and foremost, some times when i listen to their English i cant stop laughing, they just come on tv for the milky Tea, and the comfortable studio chairs, Poor bugers

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