Kamran Faisal neither tortured, nor poisoned: forensic report


The Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) submitted the forensic report of slain National Accountability Bureau (NAB) investigation officer Kamran Faisal to the Islamabad Police on Wednesday.
According to the report, there was no sign of torture on Faisal’s body as claimed by his relatives. The report also proved that Faisal was not poisoned.
On February 2, forensic experts from PFSA exhumed the body of Faisal, who was one of the investigating officers in the Rental Power Plants (RPPs) scandal.
The agency sought exhumation of the body after a controversy surfaced on the initial post-mortem report.


  1. "neither tortured, nor poisoned," but hanged!
    Thugs and thieves of Pakistan"s future, it seems, for now, have gotten away with murder!
    Shame on all of you!!!
    Where is the Outrage Mr. CJ, Army Chief and all you politicians and the uneducated media!

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