Why Priyanka Chopra can’t sing for films


Priyanka Chopra, who impressed everyone with her hit international single, ‘In My City’, reportedly can’t sing for her Bollywood films as her contract with the music label that has produced her single doesn’t allow her to do so. The 30-year-old actress revealed that right now she is focusing only on her upcoming album and she cannot sing for her movies until her entire album is released. The ‘Fashion’ star, who always had an inclination towards music, said that ever since she entered Bollywood, she has been regularly asked to sing for her films, but it was this opportunity that made her shed all her inhibitions.


  1. Prayanika Choppra is a beautiful lady and has the ability to sing. she made a mistake by signing such a contract which prohibits her from signing in her films. what a waste of great talent. hopefully she will be able to sing after the completion of the album. good luck to singing bir.

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