US starts equipment withdrawal via Pakistan


The United States has started the withdrawal of military equipment from Afghanistan as at least 25 containers crossed the Torkham border point heading to Karachi for shipment, reports said on Sunday.
Private television channels quoted Pakistani custom officials as saying that the first convoy of containers, carrying US military equipment from a key NATO base in Afghanistan, was cleared and was allowed to proceed to Karachi.
Pakistan’s custom officials say withdrawal of US military equipment from Afghanistan has begun as the first convoy of around 25 containers left for Karachi via Torkham border.
The convoy left for Karachi after custom clearance.
An official for a private company, responsible for shipment of the US cargo from Afghanistan, has also confirmed the US equipment withdrawal.
Fawad Khan, spokesman for the “Bilal Associates”, said that his company cleared the US defence equipment at the Torkham border point on the Pakistani side of the border in strict security.
“The convoy left for Karachi after custom clearance,” he was quoted by the TV as saying.
The report said that the second fleet of containers of military equipment would also reach Torkham from Bagram very soon.