Free, fair, polls real destination of govt: PM


Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Saturday said fair, free, and impartial election was the government’s real destination.
Talking to reporters at Noor Khan Airbase before departure on his first official visit to the United Kingdom, he said all political parties and stakeholders were unanimous that the polls would be held on time and according to the schedule.
The PM, who called on President Asif Zardari in Lahore on Friday, said they discussed the current political situation, besides holding of fair, free and transparent elections and its schedule. He said dialogue and discussion would continue with other political parties to evolve consensus on transparent polls as it is the future of the country.
The PM said all political parties were unanimous and determined that the elections will be held on time and held out the assurance that there would be no delay in any case in the general elections.
He said it was very encouraging that the democratically elected government was going to complete its tenure and added that this would further strengthen democracy and boost morale of the political forces in the country.
Referring to his first four-day official visit to the UK after assumption of his office in June 2012, he said it would further enhance the existing friendly relations between the two countries.
He said Pakistan attached great importance to its relations with the UK, which is an important member of the European Union. The UK was Pakistan’s second largest trading partner in the EU, he added. He said the bilateral trade reached around $2.99 billion in 2012, with the balance of trade in Pakistan’s favour.
Raja said sustained efforts were needed to achieve the target, set under Pak-UK Trade and Investment Roadmap to raise the level of trade to 2.5 billion pounds by 2015. He said the visit would also provide an opportunity to reiterate Pakistan’s interest for inclusion in the GSP plus in 2014.
The UK, he said, has been an important development partner of Pakistan and it has provided generous humanitarian assistance in the aftermath of 2010 and 2011 floods.
The prime minister said under the new UK Operational Plan for Pakistan (2011-2015), almost 1.4 billion pounds had been allocated for Pakistan, primarily in the education sector.
This makes Pakistan the largest recipient of UK development assistance in the world, he added. He said Pakistan appreciated this assistance package, which was announced during British Prime Minister Cameron’s visit to Islamabad in April 2011.
The Prime Minister said, “I shall hold a bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron to discuss issues of mutual interest.”
He said the meeting would provide an opportunity to identify ways and means to further raise the level of bilateral cooperation and discuss important regional and international issues.
The PM said during his stay in the UK, he would also interact with Pakistani diaspora, media and British lawmakers.


  1. Democracy is the largest faith on earth, only eleven countries in the world do not claim be democracies. People have been given the idea that things need to be decided upon democratically, they don’t necessarily agree with the outcome but do agree with the process. Voting for the least bad option can be a good thing in this way.
    We know that all of political party activists’ will be spending millions of Rupees to defame other political parties, advertising their achievements and manifestos, etc. Will those public “awami” representatives deliver what has been promised? We can’t be sure about that result — since it’s not being measured — but we can be sure that already settled agenda that deliver will get funded, bureaucrats who deliver this agenda will be lauded for their work, and public” awaam” are likely to confuse promises delivered with powers behind.
    Many people still believe democracy equals freedom. And many still believe the proper road to more freedom is through the democratic process. Many are convinced democracy needs fixing but find no problem with the fundamental democratic principles themselves. This is why for the last three decades we are trying to make Pakistan fit for democracy and making democracy fit in Pakistan. ECP trying to fix democracy by legally restricting party nominated candidates, by scrutinizing returning officers, changing the voting pattern, or by replacing fake degrees by verified ones.
    Many politicians make decisions based not necessarily upon what is the best thing to do, nor upon their own ethics and morals, but upon what is best for their own political gain. A politician is dependent upon his or her good standing with voters, as well as an ability to "fit in" with the party political structure. Since a person's time in politics sometimes is short, it is only natural that they do everything possible to continue their career. it would be a mistake to assume that democracyis the only possible system, or that it is inevitably the best system, particularly at times of crisis. Democracy is a system whereby one can legally exploit others; you just need the majority vote.

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