where is all the gas going?


Residents have been badly affected with gas load shedding in the chilly weather as most areas in the cities and rural areas have been facing low gas pressure and housewives have been unable to cook food. A resident said because of low gas pressure they had been forced to use alternative fuels, LPG and firewood to cook food. She said she had to arrange for ready-made food for her children and that was very expensive. Faisal Ali said, “I have to leave every morning without breakfast due to the unavailability of gas.” Most people do not use gas heaters in their homes and use alternate methods to keep themselves warm, he said. “A majority of CNG stations have been closed due to the load shedding, but residents have still not been receiving gas in their homes,” said Jawwad Ehsan, a resident of Chak Shahzad. “Local transport owners have been charging more than usual because of the gas shortage,” he added. A Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) official said gas pressure is always reduced in winters due to a considerable gap between the demand and supply.


  1. The gas supply has been reduced due to rampant mis,anagement in Sui Northern Gas Company. It is not symple matter of Demand and Supply as stated by thr SUI official. I streongly disagree with the agent.

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