Technocratic govt unacceptable: PBC VC | Pakistan Today

Technocratic govt unacceptable: PBC VC

Pakistan Bar Council Vice Chairman Qalb-e-Hassan on Thursday said lawyers wanted the general elections to be held on time. He said they would not tolerate any obstacle or effort to sabotage the holding of free, fair and timely elections.
Hassan said,” As a member of the lawyers’ community, I believe in the supremacy of law and Constitution, and strongly back the democratic system.” He said the number of petitions filed in the Supreme Court on a daily basis were on the rise, which was alarming.
Setting up a technocratic government in the country would not be acceptable to the legal fraternity, he added.
The former Islamabad High Court judge and PBC VC said if subversive forces had succeeded in delaying the general elections, the entire legal community would have strongly resisted them. He said, “We have no leaning towards anyone, we are impartial and will play an impartial, neutral and independent role for the welfare of lawyers.”

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