Finding a way out of capital’s dilapidated roads


The service lane from Kashmir Highway to Khayaban-e-Iqbal, and roads in sectors G-11 and F-11 have become unfit for pedestrian and vehicular use, and look like pools of stagnant water in the aftermath of the recent rains.
A public van driver told Pakistan Today that the road hadn’t been repaired in seven years. “We have to repair our vehicles because they get damaged on these roads, but the government has taken no steps to repairs them,” he said.
The service lane stretches from the Kashmir Highway and leads to Khayaban-e-Iqbal, sectors G-11 and F-11 are located on one side of the lane, while Mehrabad is located on the other side. Commercial settlement along the road has led to heavy traffic, and a lack of repair has created a lot of nuisance for residents.
“We live in fear of accidents every time we use the road,” a resident of G-11 told Pakistan Today.
Shopkeepers and businessmen also expressed anxiety. A hotel owner said, “We lose customers because of the decrepit condition of roads in the area as travellers prefer hotels they can travel to with ease, the Capital Development Authority should take notice of this at priority.”
Residents have also requested the authority to take immediate steps to repair the road before major accidents start taking place there.