Young doctors’ hunger strike enters third day


Young Doctors Association (YDA) Punjab on Wednesday continued their hunger strike on the third consecutive day. The young doctors had set up a hunger strike camp in front of the Services Hospital in Lahore where a large number of young doctors were observing the hunger strike. YDA representatives vowed to continue the hunger strike until all of their demands were met.
The doctors chanted slogans against the government for not fulfilling their demands of free medical treatment for the patients in hospitals, implementation of young doctors’ service structure, release of their colleagues arrested in the Gujranwala incident and end to the “victimization” of young doctors by termination of contracts, suspensions and transfers.


  1. The doctors in Gujranwala case must be prosecuted and their medical licenses cancelled permanentally.
    Instead of going for hunger strike, these doctors should resign from their post and look for alternatives in life. Health dept job was not the reason, they became doctor?
    They must understand that employer ( health dept ) always has the upper hand.
    Beggars have no choice.

    • talking illogical is stupidity… someone not knowing the ground reality and talking all this rubbish!! the main problem is that people in our country either literate or illiterate uses their minds in same way…. we are living in a society of cowards where people are ready to even lick the shoes of the people in power rather than asking for their rights thats why all these leaders do whatever they want coz they know that there is nobody alive…this is a country of dead people!!!!

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