Cavalry resident robbed of Rs 20 million!


Robbery took place in the house of a citizen named Bashir Ahmed in the area of Cavalry Ground on Wednesday. According to a report, robbers took Rs 20 million cash, prize bounds, gold worth Rs 5 million and other valuables and escaped from the scene. “I have led a life of honesty and these robbers took away everything I had ever earned. They even took the jewelry my wife’s parents had given here. There is no law in this land,” Ahmed said. The police have registered a case against three robbers. In another report, robbery took place in a medical store situated in Mustafabad. Report said that the robbers took Rs 300,000 cash and escaped from the scene. In another incident, a man named Haji Muhammad Jaga was robbed of Rs 500,000 in cash and other valuables. A Dubai-returned family was also robbed of gold worth millions, foreign and Pakistani currency in H Block, Defense.