YDA hunger strike enters third day


Young Doctors Association (YDA) Punjab on Wednesday continued the hunger strike on the third day leaving about a dozen of protesting doctors in deteriorated condition.

The young doctors have set up a hunger strike camp in front of Services Hospital in Lahore. A large number of young doctors are still present at the camp. YDA representatives have vowed to continue the hunger strike until all of their demands are met.

The doctors are chanting slogans against the government for not facilitating the patients with free treatment in public hospitals, implementation of service structure, and release of their colleagues who were arrested in Gujranwala. The YDA is also demanding canceling of previous orders which pronounced many YDA members as terminated or suspended.


  1. YDA doctors do not have the courage to resign. If service structure is bad,as they claim, why don't they resign?Who forced them to continue with health dept?Those seven doctors from Gujranwala must be prosecuted and put into jail.

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