Police CPLC rescue Ayan, arrest four


The Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) and the Anti Violent Crime Cell (AVCC) during joint operation rescued a six-year old abducted boy and arrested his abductees.

Per details, the police nabbed the abductors when they came to Super Highway to receive ransom money. The abductors resisted the police with gun fire but the police over powered and out maneuvered them. All the abductess were injured due to gun wounds as a result and were arrested. After preliminary interrogation, the arrested tipped off the police to a house in North Nazimabad and recovered the kidnapped child. Another two law abductors were arrested from Nazimabad whereas two managed to flee.

The six-year old Ayan was abducted from North Nazimabad’s Shahra-e-Noor Jehan on January 21 while he was on way to tuition. The abductors had demanded ransom of Rs.5 million from the parents who were asked to deliver the ransom money in Sohrab Goth. However, the CPLC and AVCC conducted a joint operation and reduced the criminal plot into absurdness.