PAK army foils terrorist bid ,at odds with ISAF over illicit smuggling


Security forces, embarking on a search operation in Mohmand Agency on a tip-off, recovered a huge cache of firearms including automatic weaponry and heavy explosives.

Per details, the the terrorists’ compound in Mohmand was identified by two saboteurs arrested yesterday from Yakkaghund.
The security personnel, during a search operation, traced the cache to an underground location in Haleemzai tehsil. The forces took in custody arms and ammunition including gunpowder, explosives, heavy weapons and gadgets of varying complexities and specifications.

Moreover, four terrorists along with several tribal veterans were also arrested during the operation. The forces also recovered war syllabuses and textual tutorials on how to assemble bombs.

The raid is being hailed as the biggest achievement of the forces in FATA in terms of recovery of explosives, as the security personnel said numerous large-scale sabotage plans have been foiled not only in Mohmand Agency but also in other cities of the country. The law enforcement agencies suspect that the arms and ammunition was smuggled into Pakistan from Afghanistan

Meanwhile, ISAF has said that there will be no changes in Afghanistan’s security situation after the withdrawal of the Nato-led foreign forces. Isaf spokesman Brig. Gen. Günter Katz during a press conference at Kabul said that after the withdrawal in 2014, Afghan forces will be ready to take security responsibility and a number of foreign forces will remain to assist. Katz emphasised that Isaf is optimistic about the ability of the Afghan forces, reiterating the statistic that most military operations are currently led by Afghan security forces. Within two months, all operations will be led by Afghan security forces and Isaf will only have supporting role, Katz said. “I need to be very clear: more and more Afghan National Security Forces are pressuring the insurgency and Isaf is supporting them more and more, since they are moving more and more to a leading role in this regard. It means the Afghan and Isaf together put pressure on the insurgency…relentless pressure, which we doing today and which we will do tomorrow and which we will do also in next 23 months to come.”

Katz said that in the past ten years, most cities and villages have been cleared of armed insurgents and the anti-government forces have lost their battle ability, seen in their main tactic being suicide attacks or mine-planting, the result being that most of their victims are civilians.

The comments come amid fears among Afghans that the Nato withdrawal will see security deteriorate


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