NAB starts probe into FBR’s illegal increase in taxes


The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has initiated investigation into the alleged changing made in duties, by the Federal Board of Revenue, through SROs and other means, aimed at benefiting specific companies.
NAB has sought record from the FBR and other departments concerned and has formally sent them a letter in this regard. NAB sources said that the bureau has received complaints regarding the aforesaid issues against the FBR chairman and brother of an important government official. Sources also said that a body under NAB ‘Pre Vento’ is being made active to counter corruption and financial embezzlement in government institutions, about which the NAB chairman had announced earlier. They said further it has been noticed that the FBR sometimes misused its responsibilities and issued special SRO and made changes in the duties, which apparently benefited some specific organisation, which did not provide equal opportunities to the investors. The investors have expressed reservations on the alleged changes in the duties, while some investors have planed to shift their investments from the country, which would cause a massive loss to the country, sources said. On a recent complaint NAB has taken notice, under which some plastic manufacturing companies have been allegedly benefited. Sources said that there was only one company in the country which provided raw material to the plastic manufacturing companies, for benefiting the company the FBR had increased the duties and taxes over import of plastic raw material, so that any other company could not import plastic raw material.