Ranveer Singh arm twists Priyanka Chopra


Ranveer Singh’s boisterous nature is not going down too well with many of his colleagues. A few days back, he managed to tick off Kareena Kapoor at a party by repeatedly making weird gestures and feigning to be in love with her, and now it is his Gunday co-star Priyanka Chopra who is also apparently annoyed by his antics. Priyanka, who is going through an emotional crisis with her father not keeping well, is apparently having a tough time shooting the Yash Raj film with the Band Baaja Baaraat actor. Recently, while shooting a scene, Ranveer was required to pull Priyanka gently. However, he got so rough with the actress that she was in tears. According to a source present on the set: “When it happened for the first time, Priyanka did not complain. However, when Ranveer continued to be rough, she started feeling a strong ache in her arm. At one point he almost twisted her arm, prompting her to yell at him and ‘take it easy’.” And it seems Ranveer has finally got the message. “He is maintaining a distance. He was obviously not hurting her deliberately. He just seems too exuberant all the time,” said the source.”Actually, Ranveer is bubbling with energy all the time and he tries to put extra effort in everything he does. Even during normal conversations, he is so loud that he often ends up embarrassing himself and the person he is talking to. When on the set, he is always up to something. He needs to calm himself down a bit,” added the source. Ranveer confirmed and said “We were shooting an intense scene in which I had to grab Priyanka’s arm. I din’t realise the force I was using. Later I saw that she had been bruised. I apologise to her profusely.”