Radicals might hijack Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, Hoodbhoy warns


Acclaimed Pakistani scientist Pervez Hoodbhoy on Friday warned that increasing radicalisation within Pakistan’s military could lead to its nuclear weapons being hijacked by radical elements.
“Safety and security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is of a major concern. The growing radicalisation within the military, given attacks on its own internal bases, could lead to these nuclear weapons being hijacked by radical Islamists,” Indian media quoted Pervez Hoodbhoy. He was in London for the launch of his book Confronting the Bomb.
The nuclear physicist and defence analyst estimated Pakistan’s arsenal to be similar to India’s at around 120 to 130 warheads.
Answering questions from members of the Indian Journalists’ Association at the Indali Lounge, he said, “Earlier, such weapons were seen just as a means of deterrence. The most dangerous development is the increasing search for fissile material as a new dimension of tactical nuclear war has entered the picture. This means the number of weapons will steadily increase.”
Hoodbhoy, who received his PhD in nuclear physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), stressed that the issue needed to be addressed for the sake of subcontinental as well as global security.
“India and Pakistan have come close to nuclear war at least five times in 1987, 1990, during the Kargil War in 1999, after the attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001 and the Mumbai attacks in 2008. Given the history of nuclear tension, we can’t afford to be passive on this issue. The fallout, from the blast itself to the radioactive effects, will be felt not just in the sub-continent but around the world,” he said. Confronting the Bomb: Pakistani and Indian Scientists Speak Out, published by Oxford University Press and edited by Hoodbhoy, is a compilation of essays by scientists from both sides of the border. It kicks off with the atomic age in India in 1974, followed by Pakistan and traces the furious nuclear race after the 1998 nuclear tests.
“Pakistan started developing its nuclear weapons only because India embarked on it. India has remained the primary enemy. But to some extent that perception is changing, with General Kayani recently saying that Pakistan’s major challenge is the enemy within. So there seems to be a doctrinal shift within the army but Kayani himself is under attack within the forces,” said Hoodbhoy, who admitted to receiving threats against his own life. “Jihadists still operate within Pakistan and the state’s policy regarding Islamists has been a confused one,” added Hoodbhoy. The scientist is famous for speaking out against the Pakistan’s nuclear establishment.
He remained sceptical of the peaceful uses of nuclear technology in India and Pakistan. “Whether electricity generated from nuclear sources is really efficient is a big question mark,” he said.
“The construction of nuclear reactors is very expensive and should an accident similar to Japan’s Fukushima disaster in 2011 were to occur in India or Pakistan, both countries may not have the capacity to deal with it the same way,” he added.


  1. I know you are against Pakistan Army, but this going too far by playing into hands of International media and creating false impression of nuke security!

  2. This "Hoodhoy " name tell us all ……I have read his articles and most of them are criticial of national security issues. So radical are going to hijack …and where they would they take it????Hope they don't use them on corrupt liberals in Pakistan. PAKISTAN AND ITS IDEOLOGY IS HIJACKED BY THESE FEW LIBERALS. THESE SO CALLED LIBERALS ARE FOREIGN FUNDED AGENTS THROUGH NGO's WHO ARE NOT EVEN in hundreds BUT THEY WANT TO IMPOSING THEIR LIBERAL AGENDA ON 18 MILLION CONSERVATIVE POPULATION. . I blame it to media who is not giving any voice to the conservation majority.Who could present their views on media.When people stand up their rage will burn them all including the liberal media and all foreign funded agents.

  3. Dont worry we will not reach that stage. Hamid mir and company will destroy this country before that. Lanat on awam.

  4. Yes he is an agent. An agent for peace and survival of human species. People who don't agree with him are in denial and unable to see the obvious.

    • usman once a country have neighbour like india its the need to have the nuclear bomb.We cant trust Hindu buniya coz they have not accepted creation of Pakistan by heart and have not left any stone unturned to eliminate Pakistan.Its a long story starting from occupation on jammu n kashmir, creation of bangladesh, occupation of siachin and list goes on …how can we trust such neighbour….for our survival we need atomic bomb and those people are living in fools paradise who are talking about Aman ki Aasha.

  5. If these weapons fall into hand of Talbian we have a number of major worries as tey will not be used on Inida, they will be used elsewhere which would create a major catastrophe

  6. Pervez Hoodhboy hasbeen writing against Pakistan's nuclear program over three decades.I don not have a slight doubt in my mind that he is on CIA's payroll. He works on '3 Ds' agenda of Pakistan's enemies.1 To denuclearize Pakistan.2 To destabilize Pakistan.3To demilitarize Pakista 4 To demoralize Pakistan. He and his paymasters want Pakistan to be a settlite state of India by destablizing it. He wants Pakistani nation and its strong army to be marginlized. Since he belongs to an Ismaili sect which is more close to Druz sect of Israel instead of mainstream Muslims, he therefore is working on his evil designs to deislamize Pakistan as well.

  7. You guys can say whatever about PH, but plz dont behave like Ostrich in Sand storm., daily killings of Shea, and other minorities should open ur eyes.. otherwise.." HUMARII DASTAAN BHI NAHH HOU GII DASTANNOUN MEAIN.."

  8. Yahoodbhai is wrong..the problem is not radical generals because those will defend the country. The problem is the drunkard general promoted by Musharraf, who has failed to defend the country.

  9. Pervez Hoodbhoy is not wrong, there is a real danger that our atomic weapons may fall into the hands of extremists. This warning must not be taken lightly.

  10. its a known fact hoodbhoy is American agent who always worked for US even in QAU .. he is part of the scheme to declare paki nuke dangerous by creating such news so that nukes can taken from Pakistan through a UN resolution. Many Western countries UK,US isreal and India mhoodbhoy. asma jehangir rehman malik and Mr. Z. beemaari and MQM all are working in different capacities to make US agenda get through. That is precisely why they have never try to maintain law and order in the country .. idea is make the country ungovernable and then their foreigner master will pass a UN resolution that nukes are dangerous in a rogue state

  11. How these weapons will fall in the hands of US funded Tehreeke Taliban. They are already defeated. I agree nuclear weapons are bad. Pakistan should get rid of them as soon as India does.

  12. If you think that the army is going to share the secrets of the several layers of security with a book worm then you are falling for the media nonsense who like to report stupidity and cause havoc.If he was a agent of peace then he wouldn't have been a part of the Pakistani nuclear program in the first place.And after all these years he is just now starting to realize the security issue with the nukes ? whatever.

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