Bring Tauqir Sadiq to court on the 7th, SC tells government


The Supreme Court (SC) on Friday directed National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the Foreign Office (FO) and all other state authorities involved in the OGRA case to ensure that the accused Tauqir Sadiq is brought back to the country by the next hearing on February 7.
According to details, a two-member bench of the Supreme Court conducting proceedings in the OGRA Implementation case, announced the order.
The court noted with regret that more than 14 months after its initial order directing a prompt inquiry by NAB in the multi-billion corruption scam, little progress had been made. The court observed that the accused Tauqir Sadiq had still not been brought back to Pakistan after being allowed to escape. Furthermore, the court observed that instead of a swift deportation process, long-drawn extradition proceedings were being contemplated. Hence, the court noted, the delay might substantially hinder the progress of the case. According to a press release of the Supreme Court, the court also noted a series of irregularities which indicated that certain NAB high-ups may have been deliberately hampering the progress on the inquiry. Details of such irregularities, based on NAB’s officially filed reports to the SC, were quoted in the order at length.
The statement said, “If a deliberate attempt to hamper the investigation was established, this would constitute a serious offence against public justice, punishable under various provisions of the PPC and the NAO.” The court called for an explanation from the relevant officials. The court also requested Khwaja Haris Ahmad, a respected lawyer, to assist it as amicus curiae on legal issues concerning deportation and offences against public justice.
The court further noted the stunning disclosure made by the investigation officer that at one point in the investigation, NAB had tracked down no less than Rs 3 billion lying in the name of Tauqir Sadiq and a close family member held in various bank accounts.
However, just before NAB officially placed caution on the accounts, the accused got a tip-off and managed to siphon all the money away. The court asked for an explanation for this critical lapse in the investigation.
The court also noted that the draft warrants of arrest went back and forth between the investigating officer and the higher-up four times, with seemingly unjustified objections. The back and forth process went on for over one month at a stage when speed was of the essence. The court observed that in one of these episodes, while the chairman did sign the warrants, they were kept hidden from the relevant investigation officer for 12 days. When the officer did get the warrants, he found out that Tauqir Sadiq was sitting right there in the NAB building and had him detained. Furthermore, the court observed that when the investigation officer went to discuss a procedural matter with one of his superiors, the latter tore the warrants into pieces in front of the officer and let Tauqir Sadiq escape.
The court also noted the investigation officer’s statement that during preparation of the reference, the NAB file was handed over to a legal advisor who also happened to be the legal advisor of two oil companies. The officer refused to consult the legal advisor and noted the potential conflict of interest that might arise because of an industry insider. His objection was, however, ignored. The NAB will be filing a report to explain all of the irregularities. The court will resume the hearings on Thursday, February 7.


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    • I wonder what Bilwalal Zardari has to say about this case and the judiciary. Is it the Judiciary`s fault that your family use Pakistan as a cash cow

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