We’d have conquered 300 miles into India had Nawaz not visited US: Musharraf


Accusing former prime minister Nawaz Sharif of submitting to foreign pressure, former president and then army chief General (r) Pervez Musharraf on Thursday justified the 1999 Kargil offensive, saying Pakistani forces could have conquered 300 square miles of India had Nawaz not visited the United States.
Rejecting the suggestion that he had wilfully put a “tight lid” on details regarding the Kargil operation, Musharraf told a private TV channel that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was solely to be blamed for the defeat.
“If he (Sharif) had not visited the United States, we would have conquered 300 square miles of India,” Musharraf claimed. “Nawaz politically lost a front which we had won militarily,” he added. He added that the operation was a success militarily as it had exposed the unprepared position of the Indian security establishment. He described the Kargil operation as a localised one, where exchange of fire was a routine matter.
Describing Lt General (r) Shahid Aziz as an imbalanced personality who indulged in unnecessary character assassination, Musharraf said there was absolutely no need to inform everyone about the operation.


  1. We will swarm these scum. Punjab will be overrun..by 20 million armed Indians in motorcycles and trucks.

    Where-ever these Pakistanis look, they will see masses of Indians wielding machine pistols and guns.

    Just, the mere act of looking at an armed Indian in the eye, will be considered provocation enough to shoot a Pakistani dead on the spot in his own backyard. Pakistani Punjab will be swarming with Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists.

    We will perform mass-Sandhyavandanam on the banks of the Sindhu river. RSS shakas numbering 40,000 will sing the RSS song on the banks of the Sindu in Rahimyar Khan and many other cities. All Pakistani towns and villages will be populated by Indians.

    There will be mass-hangings and mass-executions of Pakistanis on a daily basis so that 3 million of them are murdered everyday.

    They will know real fear for having harassed us for so many centuries.

    If they think they are the only people who can wage Jihad.. They do not know what Dharam-Yudh is. It is a hundred time deadlier than Jihad and aims to exterminate them completely from the soil they claim to be their own and they are standing on right now.

    Pakistanis will face Dharam-Yudh soon.

  2. The old man has lost his marbles…afflicted by delusion and disillusionment….needs a doctor and a psychologist desperately!

  3. In 77 day Kargil Conflict of 1999, more Indian soldiers lost their lives than combined loss of 1947 – 1949, 14 month old Kashmir War, 23 day 1965 Indo – Pak war & 14 day 1971 War for Bangladesh formation. Many divisions were eliminated , it is learnt. Though real figure is never disclosed but people have a rough idea from media reports. During Kargil conflict, Indian TVs were showing only one Bofors gun firing all the time & Pakistan TVs were showing captured Indian soldiers alive. Many Indian people were saying that it is was pre-planned drama for forthcoming General Elections in India with full understanding with Pakistan's establishment to make BJP win which actually happened too. Later on , figures were disclosed by either side within 300 no of lives lost at either sides. Few years later, Nawaz Sharif said that Pakistani side lost 2,700 men. Later, it was disclosed in the news that the loss of life in India was so many that the stock of caskets was exhausted & fresh caskets were imported very quickly in which allegations of large amount of kickbacks were disclosed on defence & other top Indian ministries. Now some recently retired armymen who were posted in Kashmir state during the war told so many individual & general stories. I too heard many stories. All are ananymous on the point that most of Indian soldiers were of not very cold places having no experience & withstandability on snow heights & suffered so much that ratio of loss of life was 100 : 1 against the enemy. If that is correct, it means that India lost 2,700 soldiers at least in that conflict & then casket scandal is understandable. In Kashmir, recently most of the soldiers who want to leave the valley at any cost said that entire Gulmarg & many such places were evacuated of the troops & all were sent to kargil . Only few came back. Is BJP hiding that fact & not talking anything on Kargil even during election campaign. Is the information of that high figure correct ? All Kashmiris happily say so.

  4. Nawaz Sharif is a Bhagora of Kargil, when he saw Musharraf racking up victories in Kargil, Nawaz ran to his Uncle Clinton in Washington for help, because he felt paranoid about Gen.Musharraf's popularity). PML(N) is a party of buzdil Kashmiri bhaghoras like Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan (how can a person be a Chaudhry & Khan at the same time?), Khawaja Asif, and Ishaq Dar. The true brave Kashmiris are the ones fighting and dying in the hills and valleys of Indian Occupied Kashmir with nothing but their Iman for weapon.

  5. Vintage Musharraf… I mean this guy is soo full of himself that he doesnt realize the national, economic and political perils of engaging an enemy 5 times your size. I mean Nawaz is an romm temperature IQ A##*o#$ no question, but Musharraf takes the cake when it comes to disillusionment.

    I mean is this they guy who "ran to Uncle Sam" and gifted us the drone strikes that have killed thousands of innocent people and have virtually ruined the next generation in that area.

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