Franco-German model best for Pak-India peace


France and Germany have come a long way on the path of peace and friendship burying their centuries-old animosity and conflict. German Consul General Dr Tilo Klinner said this at a glittering reception jointly hosted by him and French Consul General Christian Ramage to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Elysee Treaty (Treatment of Friendship between Germany and France).
Dr Klinner said the two countries were celebrating something special, and the Golden Jubilee of Germany France friendship is very symbolic and has become so close that the world had a doubt about their close ties. He said all this had been possible because civil society in both countries had become active participants in the process.
He added the one Europe idea emanated from their friendship and eventually achieved a Europe without borders, a single currency and a region that had the greatest peace and prosperity in the world.
Dr Klinner said both countries were keen to see this process replicated in the sub-continent so peace and prosperity reigns in an area that was home to nearly one-fifth of humanity.
The German consul general said Germany and France support the Karachi-Mumbai Initiative launched to bring peace between Pakistan and India.
French Consul General Christian Ramage said the Franco-German reconciliation was very difficult to begin but over time it had become so close that almost 50,000 French German couples get married very year.
Dr Klinner invited Convener Karachi-Mumbai Initiative (KMI) Farhat Ali to address the gathering. Mr Ali said KMI was a small step toward bringing durable peace between India and Pakistan.