Food street in Nawaz Sharif park?


Commercial activity is expected to start in the famous Nawaz Sharif park amidst reservations from citizens on the conversion of a park to a possible food street, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Sources of good authority revealed that Model Town Society is set to start construction work for four restaurants in the Nawaz Sharif Park for commercial purposes.
Model Town is the last remaining locality of Lahore with large open parks and an unpolluted environment providing a welcome relief and escape for a large number of people from all parts of city and even the suburbs as far as Kahna and Kasur. The menace of unplanned urbanisation that has plagued the entire city in recent years has virtually devoured the once lush green landscape of Lahore.
Model Town Central Park and Linear Park, developed by Late Mian Shareef, father of Mian Nawaz and Shahbaz Shareef, are the only green areas of Lahore after Bagh-e-Jinnah (Lawrence Garden) that has a rich heritage of plants and social community culture. These landscapes are the only link that bridges the gap between man-made and natural environments. In the midst of the highly urban culture these Model Town Parks are the only source of relief and a healthy enjoyment because of a noise free, pristine, fresh and fully secure environment. Commercialisation of these green areas will lead to insecurity and social and cultural damage.
Residents of Model Town were angered at the news that the park would be used for commercial activities.
Abdul Qadir Khan, resident of Model Town Society, talking to Pakistan Today said, “The Management Committee of Model Town Society duly elected by its members is a custodian of the interests and assets of the society. Members and office Bearers are expected to adopt a socially responsible stance on all issues.”
He further said, “In this particular case they have adopted an environmentally damaging policy with far reaching implications. These decisions need to be discussed with all the residents of the society and a unanimous resolution must be adopted. A unilateral resolution ignoring the technical, social and environmental repercussions cannot be accepted. The Managing Committee must ensure that the aims and objectives conceived by the founders of the sole green locality of Lahore are implemented in letter and in spirit.”
Talking to Pakistan Today, a local resident of Model Town said, “Residents and visitors alike will lose a safe, healthy and relaxed environment.”
He further said that a detailed feasibility report of the said projects were never prepared or circulated amongst members or even discussed in an open forum. Both the projects had been approved on 10 –15 years lease on the pretext of generating funds for the society.
“The manner in which a hasty approval was obtained by show of hands mostly by non-members while keeping the regular members subdued raises serious concerns about the true motives.”
Talking to Pakistan Today, the head of the consultant company for the construction of the restaurants said, “Such projects are for the relief of the people and we have taken every member of the society on board before preparing the said project.”


  1. Serves the residents of the concerned blocks right. When we the residents of J block sought support from all the other blocks to prevent the MTS from building a plaza at J block nursery nobody supported us. Serves everyone right. Karma is a female dog.

  2. they can have at Raiwind, leave model town alone! A food street in the park? people walk and exercise or relax in parks not eat to death in parks. only a publicity stunt or they cant go to real food street and wish to bring it to their door steps in old pads in model town.

  3. Oooh great! Simply brilliant!!! This is totally going to scr*w up Model Town, even more than after "Metro"….

    Notice that if you take the underpass coming to it from Kalma Chowk, you are gonna overshoot it by a mile…..Feel sorry for the residents 🙂

  4. Kuda da wasta Kasmirio khana pena chad theo, mulk wal thahan theo.
    ziada kan nal kuch nahi huanda
    Kasi nay thak kai,
    kasmiri manja na piri
    Kan day kuthay

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