NAB being pressurized by SC: Bokhari


National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chief, Fasih Bokhari, stated on Monday that the Supreme Court (SC) was pressuring NAB and sufficient time had not been allotted to implement the orders issued by SC.
In a letter to President Asif Ali Zardari, the NAB chief expressed great concern that the SC was deliberately imposing pressure.
The letter which came a week after the Kamran Faisal death case was put on top priority by the SC before the hearing of the Rental Power cases.
Faisal was found hanging from a ceiling fan in his room in Islamabad. The incident took place soon after the SC ordered the arrest of Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf in the Rental Power Projects case (RPP).
A clinical report did state that Faisal was severely depressed whereas colleagues and family members maintain his mental health was fine and he could not have committed suicide.
The NAB chief stated categorically that the Kamran Faisal case must be resolved otherwise he would tender his resignation.
The letter also stated that the media was trying to defame the NAB chairman.


    • if this poop had an iota of honour (just by virtue of once having worn the whites does not guarantee that), he would have resigned by now rather then playing zardari's dirty games.

  1. NAB Chief has himself created this situation and he must have reasons to do that. Earlier he went all the way to Karachi to meet the President.He could have done that even now.The letter is being written perhaps on instruction from the same to further prolong the proceedings of both cases.It is NOT the SC which is pressurising him but his superiors and his subordinates.

  2. NAB task is not to work on bed of roses but it is pressurized task to work inNAB which is meant to nab the real evils.So how can he say that NAB has come under is not NAB but he is overpressure as per routine NAB chief usually comes here to enjoy the extra judicial powers of NAB granted to them by ruling govt.Get high perks, enjoy foreign tours, Ta DA etc.So this is real pressure on him that he is not working as past record of other NAB's head mostly generals.

  3. It appears that in Pakistan there is a fight between the SC and the "Mafia"! First the chief justice is restored to power due to public protests and the Gen .com President flies the country. The SC starts to get it's act together but meets the " Mafia" opposition from the word go. 1) No to writing the letter regarding the Presidents assets abroad –the PM falls on his sword rather than write it. The second PM writes a vague letter to appease the court. 2) The second PM is exposed in corruption and is ordered to be arrested! He ignores the orders and continues as if nothing has happened. 3) The court orders the arrest of another top man. He flies the country aided and abetted by the ? interior Minister who is himself supposed to be arrested –nothing happens! The SC is shown to toothless. It's ruling are not binding. What should we conclude? The politicians cry supremacy of the judiciary but it seems tb supremacy of the "mafia" Welcome to the Pakistan rule of law.Before appearing before SC make prior arrangement for disapearing.

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