Kite makers seek revival of Basant festival


While authorities are planning to continue the ban on Basant this year, All Pakistan Kite Flying Association appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to allow kite-flying outside urban areas, so that the centuries-old tradition can be preserved.
All Pakistan Kite Flying Association Chairman Khawaja Nadeem Wayn said around 150, 000 people in Lahore and 180, 000 in Gujranwala and Kasur had lost their jobs due to the ban on kite-flying and were facing hardship as they had no other means to earn a livelihood. A ban was imposed on Basant, the kite flying festival that heralds the arrival of spring, seven years ago after several people, including children, lost their lives when their throats were entangled in the glass-coated twine used for kites.
“The kite flying industry pins high hopes on Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry as he has already taken a number of historical decisions in the interest of the masses,” Wayn said. “We have given a proposal to the Punjab government to establish a ‘kite city’ outside the limits of the cities but the bureaucracy has not even bothered to reply. Thousands of women used to earn a livelihood by making kites at home but now they are sitting idle because of the complete ban on Basant,” he said. Wayne said that kite-making had attained the status of a cottage industry and was providing employment to thousands of people, especially women. “Instead of taking measures to address the few problems, the entire festival has been banned”, he said. The government decided to continue with the ban on Basant this year after the police department said it could not guarantee the safety of the people on the roads during the festival.


  1. Help me to understand how the simple act of Kite Flying is too difficult for the Supreme Court and the police of Pakistan to handle?…they embarrass Pakistan in front of the whole world with these imbecilic actions…

  2. This is totally wrong demand. Kite flying and basant should be revived as it used to be. Just make it compulsory to add a bow on the motor bikes to avoid accidents. How can billion people march to one place to one place for kite flying.

  3. Putting Ban on any thing is the best way for this govt. of Ghoofs. After puting ban on any thing they stop thinking about the problem and put their mind on sleep mod. Ya Allah humain khooli ankhoon walla our jagtay zahan walla leader atta kar. Ameen

  4. Look mian sahab!
    Banning an ancient festival is not the best solution u,ve got there!… u have no idea how much people of lahore are willing to again see the sky covered with dozens of colorful kites…
    look cm sahab in many countries such festivals take place which puts the people,s life at risk… but they do not ban their festivals due to wich they r widely known over the world instead they put some precautions for the next year festival ….
    Sir, lahore was once very world famous due to this festival which you banned without thinking …
    u should,ve observed it carefully and then would hav come to final decision tha what you really wanted to do…… after 6 long years please let us live and enjoy our lost glory again… by THE BASANT!
    please think upon it and please let us celebrate this spting the lahori way!
    Thank you

  5. We have the lost the power of reason and created laws which take the little pleasures of life we had. I look back with nostalgia during my stay in Pakistan in the late sixties when the kite seasson brought love in the air and excitement in hearts. Romance blosoomed. I remember sendind my first love letter through a kite from a hostel top (KEMC) to a Fatima Jinnah hostel at Hall road. Though rejected i enjoyed every moment of it. Whatever happened to the old pakistani sense of enjoyment. Damn the legislation–go enjoy yourself. Mian sahab is no more a lahori!

  6. there is a flexible plastic wire if it is attatched on the top(front and back end) of the bike it could prevent the biker from string as the string would slip away on top of the wire…….it is not a costly option……as far as the incidents from aerial firing are concerned the mahulla(council) commmittes consisting of elders from every council could start a campaign to convince and demotivate people who do aerial firing and ruin the event for everybody. the committee can also keep a check and have the police support to stop people ho do aerial firing. these are the active and effective measures according to my point of view which can prevent incidents and revive BASANT FESTIVAL in our historical Lahore city…Yar truly, i wait for it every year hoping that government may take some active steps to revive it. iof u agree to it support it……..

  7. i am agree with u all we are reallt mising your spring festival means basant.the goverment should take a serious step agains this opinion is this that the goverment should allow the basant from now own bcz every body i now seck of this problem…….

  8. according to any common sense in any human it is understood that instead putting ban on festival, whereas billions of ruppees involve and over 200000 families income related, you should think and bank all those things which create such horrible incidents, as normal human being we all knows all these measures.
    BASANT festival must continue but all precautions must be take by GOVT, POLICE and specially we as public.

  9. jhn tk ap basant ki bt krtay hn basant ko manani ha. shyd e puray sal ma koi ak banda mrta ha or jo hr din log mr rhay hn un ka lya b koi pabandi kyun ni …………………………………………….. just think about it and basant and basant shall go on as going

  10. Hum sab is festival ko miss kartay hain aur jab basant festival aata hai to is par paabandi laga di jaati hai kai countries aisi bhi hain jiss main kisi festival main kisi bhi shakhs ki mout honay par us ko ‘banned’ nahi kia jaata balkay us par tawaja di jaati hai.

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