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Pakistanis used 149.278m condoms in 2011-12

In year 2011-12, Pakistanis used 149.278 million condoms, 6.223 million cycles of oral pills, 1.315 million insertions of internal uterine devices (IUDs) and 2.705 million vials of injectables, revealed a report released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

The PBS report showed an unprecedented rise in the use of condoms as a contraceptive tool during the year 2011-12 as compared to last year.

The Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) witnessed a 60 percent increase in the use of condoms while the federal capital stood second with a rise of 27.9 percent.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the ratio of using condoms as a contraceptive tool remained 24.5 percent while Sindh showed a rise of 20.7 percent. In Punjab, rise in the use condoms was recorded at 18.7 percent.

However, according to the report made available to Pakistan Today, a contradictory trend was witnessed in Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir where the use of condoms as a contraceptive tool saw a decline in the year 2011-12.

Balochistan recorded a decrease of 11.8 percent in the trend of using condoms as a contraceptive tool whereas the popularity graph of condoms fell down in Gilgit-Baltistan where a decrease of 5.4 percent was recorded.

In Azad jammu and Kashmir, there was a decrease of 1.3 percent in the use of condoms.

For oral pills, the report showed that FATA remained at the top with an increase of 46.2 percent in their use followed by Gilgit-Baltistan with a rise of 20.8 percent and the third place was occupied by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 12.0 percent.

In federal capital, the use of oral pills as a means of contraception showed a rise by 4.5 percent, Punjab 3.2 percent and Sindh showed a rise of 2.1 percent.

Again in the case of Balochistan, the use of oral pills was discouraged by locals. The report showed that the use of oral contraceptive pills had decreased by 21.3 percent.

The province/sector-wise comparison of contraceptive performance during the financial year 2011 -12 in terms of Couple Year of Protection (CYP) – an international indicator for data collection – has been made with the previous year 2010-11 which showed that at the national level, an increase of 0.7 percent had been observed for all programme and non-programme outlets during 2011-12 as compared with 2010 -11.

As far as the district Islamabad and FATA are concerned, the contraceptive performance for the financial year 2011-12 compared with 2010-11 depicted an increase of 19.5 percent and 37.4 percent respectively, whereas a decrease of 2.9 percent and 12.0 percent had been recorded in AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan.


    • Mohsin said:

      right….a big qnntty use for baloon aswelll…….hahahaha

  1. desi said:

    If thats the case then why do I see see 6 kids on a honda 70

  2. khalid pathan said:

    Quite encouraging statistics. Population control must be exercised to have some hope of development.

    • desi said:

      More power to you,see ya.If I have to read about people like Zardari,Raja,Sharifs,Maliks,condom are more of an interesting subject since it does not represent failure and fraud.

  3. haris said:

    why do pakhtoons req condom? why there is an increse in trend of using condoms in KPK, hope there r nt going away from their trends n habbits…………!

    • Abu Harris said:

      Yes, I'm well aware of your concern. Rest assured, all your family members will be treated equally now. Keeping gender discrimination at bay. Cheers.

  4. Naeem said:

    Good story….nice work……but you should do story on why this trend is so high in KPK……..

  5. Traiq said:

    Taliban may be using condoms against Natio and Pakistan forces an weapon of mass —-.

  6. Khawar nzir said:

    Size survey can also be carried out along this one ….. Small, medium and large

    • desi said:

      If its in Punjab,its large,if its in Sindh,its small and medium in the other 2 provinces.There it is Khawar.this is what you wanted right ???

  7. tariq said:

    uses against mqm altaf and zardi group from dr zulfiqar mirza sb

  8. Tipu said:

    The reporter of this news must be a victum of such a large number of use by Pakistanis?

  9. Sehar said:

    I am one of the furtunate few who used a contraceptive and did not get pregnant right away. Four years into the marriage, we divorced. If I had not forced my husband (ex), I would have ended up taking care of his children while he is off to Maldives on a vacation with his mistress.

    • desi said:

      You are a smart girl Sehar,too bad this guy didn't wear a condom when he did the thinking.

    • Karachiite said:

      " If I had not forced my husband (ex), I would have ended up taking care of his children while he is off to Maldives on a vacation with his mistress. "

      Wouldn't that child be yours as well? or solely his?

  10. rizwan said:

    Good luck sehar .I think you had made very clever decision.

  11. said:

    As per statistics shown in the article, but population is still increasing day by day defeating all development efforts. there seem something wrong some where.

  12. Cobrajock said:

    It would be interesting to learn how somebody can use a .278 condom, and for what purpose?

  13. Watertree said:

    Avoid any contact with everyone and save money and misery in our lives. Breeding has brought our country to economic collapse.

  14. Attorney said:

    My boyfriend saved this particular hyperlink and I came here accidentally. Thanks a lot with this particular post! A genuine great read. I don

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