Kutcher impresses as Jobs as Sundance hands out prizes


THE biopic jOBS may have received mixed reviews at the Sundance Film Festival but critics have been unanimous in their praise of Ashton Kutcher in his portrayal of the late Apple co-founder. The Two And A Half Men star held his own as Steve Jobs in the much-anticipated movie, which closed the independent film event in Utah. “This was honestly one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever tried to do in my life,” Kutcher confessed at the world premiere . “I’ve thrown myself into this massive gauntlet of criticism.” All too aware of the enormity of the task at hand, Kutcher said he studied “hundreds of hours” of footage of Jobs, and met several of his friends, to get inside the skin of the man who made Apple the most valuable company in the world before his death in 2011. Kutcher later found himself hospitalised after shooting had wrapped, having followed Jobs’s unusual fruitarian diet too closely.