‘Zero Dark Thirty’ wont be shown in Pakistan


International news agencies reported today that the controversial film showing the hunt and eventual killing of Osama Bin Laden ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ will not be shown in Pakistan.
The telegraph reported that the movie which has already been nominated for five Oscars depicts firsthand accounts of how the hunt for the world’s most wanted man took place.
Sources in Pakistan claimed that showing the movie would be risky as several terrorist groups would be opposed to it. They further added that the censor board would also have several problems with regards to the movie.


  1. This is utterly ridiculous. The movie is not anti Pakistan, except for some dramatization, it is based on real events and should be shown in Pakistan. Pirated DVDs will circulate in the country anyway, so why not let people see it in cinemas?

    • Brother, you said the is based on real events, please mention your Sources that how would you know that it is Real???

      • Idiots like you are still in denial about the realities in life.The sooner you wake up and smell the coffee the better.You should be asking about the source of your stupidity.

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