Sit-in for fair voters verification begins in Karachi


Different political and religious parties belonging to opposition started a three-day sit-in on Saturday outside the office of the Provincial Election Commission Sindh to demand fair process of voters’ verification under army’s supervision.

Announcement of the sit-in was made on Wednesday, when different opposition leaders assailed the election commission for not implementing the Supreme Court’s directives regarding voters verification under army’s supervision and delimitation of constituencies in the metropolis.

Addressing the rally on Saturday, Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) Karachi chief Muhammad Hussain Mehanti thanked the participating political and religious leaders. He said they all have gathered for seeking free and fair elections and peace in Karachi.

Sirajul Haq of JI said all participating parties will also stage a sit-in outside the Parliament house if the SC order is not implemented.

Gulzar Ahmed Soomro of Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party (STPP) said that politicizing of voter verification process would usurp people’s freedom of choice.

Speakers said the sit-in will continue on Sunday and Monday, adding that it would end when the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will ensure presence of army personnel during the process of voter verification.

Leaders and activists belonging to JI, PML-N, PTI, JUI-F, SUP, STPP, Tanzimul Ikhwan, Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party, Sunni Tehrik, Awami Tehreek, JUP and JUI-S participated in the rally including minority leader Michal Jaed.

Meanwhile, PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has claimed the ECP was not being allowed to play an effective role in Karachi.


  1. Voter verification without Census is illegal in a democratic society, because census will verify the population count where as voter verification will verify uncertified voter residency. In US Census is taken every ten years no matter what is going on with the economy. In US, Census Bureau does need a permission from the Congress or the senate to do there jobs. Voter verification without proper Census is tantamount to rigging election, but to take place in Karachi, give the impression of discrimination against people of different ethnicity that live in Karachi.

    • Dear in US there are no any political terrorist parties. It seems you are completely blind regarding the internal situations of Karachi. Do you know what is going everyday and all the day there? So it is unfair to compare US with Karachi……..

    • Voter verification and correction of voters registered has nothing to do with census. It is just data verification and removing any fake voters, or adding those which may have been missed by design or by mistake.

  2. Necessity is the mother of invention. At present there are some terrorist political parties exist in Karachi which have necessitated the delimitation there. Therefore, for true, transparent and fair election, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered this which should be implemented……

  3. Karachi is a metropolitan port city, with over 98% of those who have been living there having come from all parts of Pakistan and India. It is home for all those who live there, pay taxes and contribute to its economy. All of them have a right to vote, without any discrimination or hindrance. Only a credible voters list will lead to true representatives to be elected and this will hopefully restore some sanity and peace to this city, which for past 10 years has seen an upsurge in target killings, extortion and lawlessness.

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