Fifth-generation traffic signals being installed on MBS route


High-tech smart traffic signals will be set up at eight different points along the Metro Bus Service route which is scheduled to start on January 27, 2013.
Sensors will monitor traffic density are being fitted at Gulab Devi, Qainchi, Ghazi Road, Kamahan, Masjid Ibrahim, Chungi Amr Sindhu, Kalma Chowk and Azadi junctions.
The signals will be monitored and controlled from a command center at Arfa Karim IT Tower.
The sensors will turn the light green only when there is a vehicle approaching from the direction. Heavy traffic in one direction will be allowed more time than lighter traffic which will save time and fuel for the commuters.
The current traffic signals installed in the city are first generation signals and an installation of fifth generation Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) signals will be done on the Metro Bus Service route and will eventually be installed on rest of the roads in the city if they are successful.
These fifth generation signals have the capacity to build a database over time of the traffic density in different directions.


  1. Making Lahore look like London at the cost of 70 % family living under the poverty line. what a shame philosophy of development..

    • Have you yourself ever notice the number of poor people below the poverty line living in your area??? Give me the correct figure plz! not a figure in thin air…waiting for your reply plz! 🙂

  2. Making Lahore look like London at the cost of 70 % family living under the poverty line especially in Punjab. what a shame philosophy of development..

  3. They better be working on batteries….

    "The signals will be monitored and controlled from a command center at Arfa Karim IT Tower"
    Someone built yet another "IT" tower and still doesn't have a clue how to use it for IT…

    P.S.I think this is more fluff/bells-and-whistles being added to a damned/ill-planned project to make it look good….

  4. smart or normal, signal is only good if people stop at red signal!
    Mr CM of Punjab wasted so money on bus project, start of a much more required mass transit like Lahore Metro train should have been the objective, but that couldnt be completed in time to put his "tahti" on it! He replaced Lahore Metro train route with buses, buses could have used bus lanes on already built roads at peak hours, as done all around the world. These funds should have been used for Lahore underground/overground trains, same bridges he has built, was enough for Light Railway! but long term vision is only for leaders not administrators cum CM!

    • Hey! bro. what are you talking about long term vision…what we got from the kind of vison…Did we get Kalabagh dam, Bhasha Dam or other dams…Long term vision my foot only…huh!!! FYI bro. the track you're discussing can be converted to light -rail in future…but Lahore desparately required some transit system and if CM took an aggressive action why the ache arise in your stomach…I mean if you know something about Karachi Circular Railway…that has been under the shelf since a long period of time…so the kind of long vision is always under my foot…Plz!!! do appreciate for something which at least better than nothing…I found CM as man of action not just words as other leaders do esp. IK…I'm sorru to say. Think as Pakistani without affliation to any party…Peace! 🙂

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