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The trick to winning Nobel Prizes: Milk?

Got milk? Then you may have a better chance of winning a Nobel Prize, according to a letter published in Practical Neurology. In the letter, two neurologists speculate about a study last year that linked a nation’s chocolate consumption to its Nobel-Prize stockpile. But what if it’s really milk and milk products that make people brainier, not chocolate per se? After all, Swedes drink more milk per person than any other country (750 lbs) and have the most Nobel laureates per 10 million citizens (33), reports Science Daily. And the Swiss boast quite a few Nobels (32) while downing a lot of cow juice every year (660 lbs). Not to mention that China has the fewest Nobel winners and drinks the least amount of milk (55 lbs). But the letter’s authors aren’t sure whether milk makes people smarter or just reflects a better education system in general. Milk does have vitamin D, however, which could make people brainier. “So to improve your chances of winning Nobel prizes you should not only eat more chocolate but perhaps drink milk too: or strive for synergy with hot chocolate,” the authors conclude.

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