Cruise ship rescues sailor on around-the-world try


A cruise ship picked up Alain Delord on Sunday, said a spokesman for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. The yachtsman was attempting a solo round-the-world voyage when he ran into trouble on Friday, 500 nautical miles off Australia’s island state.
The mast on his yacht broke in rough weather forcing him to abandon it.
According to reports, Australian authorities were able to drop food, water and a survival suit to the 63-year-old, but his location was too remote for a helicopter rescue.
Delord was uninjured and said to be in reasonable spirits. The cruise ship Orion was on its way back from the Antarctic when it answered the distress call, making a 50-hour diversion to pick him up. The experienced French sailor’s personal website shows that he was following the route taken by the Vendee Globe race, but was not a registered competitor. The race, founded by French sailor Philippe Jeantot in 1989, is held every four years in which competitors race from France, and then around the world in the seas around the Antarctic. It is seen as a test of human endurance. In 1997 Frenchman Thierry Dubois and Briton Tony Bullimore were both rescued by the Australian navy after running into trouble in the Southern Ocean during the race.