PTI to hold biggest protest country has ever seen


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chief Imran Khan said in a statement on Friday that his party will hold the “biggest ever” protest in the history of the nation.
The PTI chief said that holding protests is the right of every political party and his would be one that would trump all others held before it.
When asked about the recent protest by Minhajul Quran International, Imran Khan responded by saying that there was a lot of pressure on him to join Dr Qadri’s log march but he wanted to explode onto the political scene at the opportune moment.
The PTI chief said that boycotting the elections is not an option and the upcoming elections should be held on time since they will be the most important in the history of the country.
There are no details as to when and where the protest will be held but it will be done in order to ensure that free and fair elections happen throughout the country


  1. If Imran Khan rise basic nation issues like electricity,gas,fuel ,law and order , corruption and other issues in his protest then he might be succeed.

  2. Quadri has miserably failed and disappointed his handlers. Now it is Khan's turn to smash democratic process.

    • For sure Qadiri has been bought out by we know who, the big brother in the White House! what a waste of money, time & effort! this wasted money could have been given to the poor. Imran should not crumble under external pressure & rid the country of these corrupt politicians & the Taliban Scum.

      • .
        Obama won't spend any extra penny on Pakistan. Neither would any tax payer of the United States like him to do that …

        • US shouldnt spend any penny on pakistan or anywhere else, they should spend everything in the US for the US people!

  3. What a pitty! there is going to be no Long March in support of terrorists holding up hostages in Algiers and demanding release of 'Quom Ki Beeta, Afiya Sadiqui' in exchange. I think Quom has forgotten its Beeti and her real brothers are doing whatever they can do best, for her release.

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