Ten more days for verification process


Since 10 more days remaining to culmination of voters’ verification process in Karachi, the election commission expects smooth sailing for finalising error-free electoral rolls for the port city.
According to the election commission sources, till now the process was going well and it was hoped that it culminated within the stipulated period of 18 days to bring forth error-free electoral rolls. The process was started on January 10 and an 18-day period was specified by the commission for door-to-door verification of voters by the verification officer along with the armed forces personnel. “Since now there is no hurdle in the verification process. We hope, it completes smoothly to the satisfaction of the commission and the voters,” an official at ECP said.
“There has been only a complaint that some people were taking away CNICs of certain voters which was stopped by the commission,” he added.
Around 10,000 verifying officer are going door-to-door to verify each and every registered voter according to the voters’ lists prepared by National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) and earlier verified and displayed by the commission at its display centers for further correction.
“Once this process is completed, the updated lists will be sent to Nadra for inclusion in the overall data,” the official said. “After updated by the Nadra, the same lists will once again be displayed at display centers for voters’ information while the voters will also be asked to re-confirm their particulars in the lists by person or by sending SMS to designated line number 8,300.”
He said any change further required by the voters in these lists in the post-display period, may be done at the district election offices where these lists will also be displayed after inclusion in the overall data.
“Now it is responsibility of the voters to fully participate in the verification process so the errors from the lists are removed and way is paved for free, free and transparent elections,” the official remarked.
When asked about any cooperation required by ECP from other stakeholders, the official said, in this process only the cooperation of the registered voters is required who should check their own particulars as well as identify anomalies in the electoral rolls.