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Shahbaz mocks expatriate ‘revolutionaries’

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday scoffed at the sudden comeback of expatriates with demands about a revolution and an end to corruption. Talking to Pakistan Muslim League – Likeminded senior leader Atta Maneka, the chief minister said that the entire nation was aware of the identity of imported elements who were absent in times of crisis but had appeared when the country was facing general elections.
Furthermore, the chief minister stressed on the need for people to recognise those who had raised fake slogans, adding that the imported elements had the agenda of chaos and sabotage.
Shahbaz said that no one had the courage or means to stop general elections and added that any delay would be “dangerous” for the country. He claimed that Tahirul Qadri’s long march was a drama enacted to postpone general elections. The chief minister further said that the country was at a juncture where it would not be able to withstand any more chaos.
Shahbaz expressed joy over PML-N’s success in by-elections. He said that the victory in the elections pointed to the success of the development projects started by PML-N’s provincial government.

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