No danger to democracy: Rehman Malik


Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that the outcome of the Long March is a clear message to the world that entire Pakistani nation is united to safeguard democracy.

Talking to reporters on Friday, he said it has also conveyed a message that there is no danger to the democracy and the country would move forward on the road to progress and prosperity.

The interior minister said the PPP leadership and coalition partners demonstrated remarkable patience and tolerance in the face of provocations and warnings.

He further said the law-enforcing agencies played their part well in ensuring maintenance of peace. He said the provinces and the armed forces also provided necessary support to deal with the situation.

“Despite threats of terrorism‚ the government decided not to restrict movement of the protesters and this helped ease the situation,” he added.

He also thanked the participants of the march for remaining peaceful.


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    The danger is that Pakistanis might die from laughter watching this circus midget clowns antics.

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