Shahrukh Jatoi produced in ATC


The main accused in the 20-year-old Shahzeb Khan’s murder case, Shahrukh Jatoi, was produced in the Anti Terrorism Court’s (ATC) complex on Thursday.
Shahrukh was earlier was shifted from Abu Dhabi to Karachi on Thursday morning.
Senior Superintendent of Sindh Police (SSP) Niaz Ahmed Khoso said he was designated the task of arresting Shahrukh, adding that he was unaware of any information concerning the arrest of former chief of Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) Tauqir Sadiq.
Shahrukh was brought to Karachi through an aircraft of a private airline which landed on Terminal 1 instead of Jinnah Terminal. Terminal 1 is usually used for Haj flights.
Shahrukh was shifted to the Police Headquarters in Karachi’s Garden area via an armoured personnel carrier (APC) of the police amid strict security arrangements.
Sharukh had surrendered himself to authorities at the Pakistani consulate in Dubai who shifted him to Karachi as soon as a go-ahead was received from the Interpol, police officials said, adding that Jatoi’s physical remand would soon be obtained from court.


  1. The gun totting boy; the child face butcher is back. Could private channels top broadcasting his interviews?

  2. The gun toting boy; the child-face butcher is back. Could private channels stop broadcasting his interviews?

  3. That photo has been taken out of context! It was a private photo for Shahrukh to show his overseas friends a bit about his life, as really it is unbelievable! He is being a 16 year old boy in that photo showing off for his friends.

    How many more people will be manipulated by the media?

    • if he would be innocent, he will get the justice, and if not , we will come to know. but yes we should not make views about him just bcoz of this picture……BUT yes…on same side, we must not make sympathetic views about him just bcoz if one of us has any personal acquintence with the accused. lets leave it to the court. Thanks

    • Manipulated by media Kate are you joking this guy shot another person eye witnesses are present but because he comes from an influential family they got him out of the country and if it wasn't for Chief Justice of Pakistan he would have gotten away without even being interrogated and the guy he shot was the son of a high level police officer but he still couldn't get a case registered against his sons killer . This killers family has political links with which they are trying to get him freed and at the end maybe one of his bodyguards will take the fall for him so no one is manipulating anyone if you have lived in Pakistan you would know this to be true.

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