Khar urges Indo-Pak talks at FM-level to defuse LoC tensions


Stressing that continued tensions along the Line of Control (LoC) in disputed Kashmir region is not in the interest of South Asian peace, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has proposed foreign ministerial level talks between Pakistan and India to sort out increasing tensions.
“Instead of issuing belligerent statements by the military and political leaders from across the border and ratcheting up tensions, it is advisable for the two countries to discuss all concerns related to the Line of Control (LoC) with a view to reinforcing respect for the ceasefire, may be at the level of the foreign ministers, to sort out things. Continued tension along the LoC is not in the interest of peace and stability in the region,” she said in a statement on Wednesday. Khar said, “Pakistan and India are both important countries of South Asia. It is imperative that they demonstrate requisite responsibility for ensuring peace by addressing all concerns through dialogue.” “We see three incidents across the LoC (Line of Control) and we see war mongering which puts the last 60 years actively back into our memories. War mongering coming in from the other side of the border, which I thought was the thing of yesteryears and the thing that we had put behind us.”
“Rhetoric and ratcheting up of tensions is certainly counter-productive,” she said, adding, “We are saddened and disappointed at the continued negative statements emanating from India both from the media as well as certain Indian leaders.”
She said for its part Pakistan had observed a measured and deliberate self-restraint in public statements on India. “This has been done keeping in view the interest of peace in the region. “We have invested hugely in the dialogue process and have worked energetically to keep the dialogue process moving forward in a sustained and constructive manner.” “The foreign minister said Pakistan has gone out of the way to build constructive relationship with India.”


  1. .
    Khar surprises me …
    She appears to be diplomatically most competent compared to her predecessors …
    Malik can use some training from her …

  2. Dialogue, dialogue and yet dialogue—When has it ever yielded any thing positive for Pakistan. We get a pat on the back and india continues it's sabre rattling as usual. Our COAS deserves credit for keeping quiet. Pakistani army does not decapitate! No case to answer.! We treat both dead and POW with diginity. Believe me i know from experience from 1965 war.
    Our FM has no reason to go into the reactive mode. It is a storm in a tea cup. It will pass over.

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