Qadri invites Imran to up the ante


To keep the Tehrik Minhaj-ul-Quran’s (TMQ) marchers at bay, a third layer of shipping containers has been lined up between D-Chowk and the sit-in site.
The authorities in federal capital are trying their best to stop the thronging sit-inners from making inroads towards the Parliament House or other sensitive establishments that fall in the Red Zone.
On the other hand dozens of TMQ‘s stick-wielding activists kept a vigil about the sit-in site all night long on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, tahirul Qadri delivered a sermon to his supporters on the second day of the sit in. He said that the long march was the harbinger of change, adding that those linking the Supreme Court orders with the sit in,had “mal-intentions and that they should be ashamed of themselves”. He added that “they say I knew about the SC’s decision. Honestly, I did not even know that the rental power plants case hearing was taking place.”

The TMQ chief also invited Imran Khan to join the sit-in. He said that the seven point agenda put forth by Imran Khan was apt and just for Pakistan, adding, that the fourth point of Khan was the a summary of TMQ’s demands.


  1. Qadri is now in desperate need of 111 support as he was confirmed before ditching him into this funny situation.Poor khan and crook MQM !
    This is why they didn't opt this plan of military evils as they know the public mood in area of Punjab.

  2. Qadri is trying his best to malign IK and SC in front of public so they have to maintain their defense line against this funny religious clown of GHQ.

  3. What Qadri have done by pulling out the masses on the roads, in the years nobody have done it. Its time to throw out all the present politicians and bring out new democrat people. We are fed up with all these exposed politicians,they should be arrested and confiscate there properties.We suffer alot from these crooks its time for a change

  4. I only took Qadri seriously when I noticed that India terrified and began stockpiling on Arms. Qadri cloned D-Chowk outta Tahrir Square to lure millions to streets. Here’s the loose change. Qadri ain’t fostered the Arabspring as yet. Qadri has his own five-minute agenda: “Zardari corrupt and People need food, clothes, homes, jobs and electricity, not another fake change”. That’s boring. Who cares? It’s just another Benazir Bhutto Zombies taking the street to skip work and loot neighborhoods. It’s the good old Corrupt Pakistani Chaos Manor. Yes! People need food, clothes, homes, jobs and electricity. That’s right Sheikh Qadri! But from whom? Who will provide these utopias? Obama, Abu Dhabi, Saudi. Please be specific. Who would trust Pakistani unless he’s bluffed or extorted? Pakistan status quo is corrupt and beyond repair. Pakistanis need a tsunami or The Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009 Berman- Kerry-Lugar-Berman Bill that provides food, clothes, homes, jobs and electricity. They have everything. They sold their soul to the devil and doled their airspace to Atari Hikikomori to gun anything moves on their screen. Pakistan is America’s Sky-Death Experiment Field. What Pakistanis need God for? Will God bless Qadri to save Dante's Inferno habitat that accountable of the death of their own elders, women, children and half of planet earth narcotics innocent victims. Pakistan is two trillion dollar narcotic economy. It’s a failing state for the vulnerable and yet it’s a thuggery bonanza. I don’t think Qadri knows that. That’s why he’s Canadian Arabspringers took the street because they wanted God to provide food, clothes, homes, jobs and electricity not IMF. Arabspringers preferred trouble to prosperity simply because they loathed Thugocracies

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