Give us our due right!


Pakistan International Airlines’ Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) President Tahir Hassan reminded PIA Chairman Lt General (r) Asif Yasin Malik of his promise and demanded due raise in pension for the retired employees of the national airlines.
He said the pension of the retired employees of the national airline was very low as compared to the pensions of the employees of other government departments, therefore this discrimination should be ended and a due raise in the pensions be made.
‘This policy of denying the lawful rights to the retired employees of PIA should be changed and they should be given their legal rights while making their pensions respectable from current 32 percent to 50 percent, as per government rules,’ he added.
Also, he said, the pension should be increased every year in line with the salary increase of the regular employees according to the Admin Order 21/2003 of the airlines that stated the ex-staff pension will be raised along with the salaries of its in-service staff.
Currently, the national airline gives its employees 32 percent of their total salary as pension but the formula it applies in the end makes the pension calculated on their basic pay scales. So the airline should either give them 50 percent pension on the basic pay scale or make the 32 percent pension to be given on their total salary.
‘According to the rules, the PIA Pension Trust Fund should have Rs 25 billion to Rs 35 billion earmarked for the retired employees of the national airline. So, any increase in the pensions will not affect the PIA’s budget,’ he argued.
The president of the association said in the midst of current inflationary period the retired employees of the airline were facing hardships, therefore, it was the need of the time to give them their due raise in their pensions.
In the end, PIAREA president said the PIA chairman should also consider the valuable services of the retired employees and must give them their due right in terms of pension. He also offered the services of the retired employees in the best interest of the national airline.