Dr Tahirul Qadri outlines four-point agenda


Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran (TMQ) chief Allama Tahirul Qadri on Wednesday outlined his four demands, which he called the soul of real democracy.

On the other hand the government registered a first information report (FIR) against Qadri and some of his followers.

Addressing thousands of supporters at D-Chowk, Dr Qadri presented his four-point agenda, saying if the government has political will, sincerity and commitment to the constitution and love for real democracy, then it should take his demands seriously.

He demanded that before going into next general elections there should be electoral reforms, the Election Commission of Pakistan national and provincial assemblies should be dissolved and an impartial caretaker set up should be announced, which should not be limited to ‘muk muka’ of PPP and PML-N, but every stakeholder, including the army and judiciary should be consulted.

Dr Qadri said that people wanted to get rid of current form of democracy and wanted next general elections under new electoral reforms.

He said that the current form of democracy served the interests of only politicians and few families, while 99 percent of population was being looted by the politicians in the name of democracy.

The TMQ chief said that in the next general elections article 62, 63, and 218 of the constitution must be implemented in letter and spirit. If these articles are implemented then there would be no chance for corrupt, dishonest, tax evaders and fake degree holders to become members of parliament, he said.

The cleric asked the government to dissolve five- member Election Commission of Pakistan and reconstruct it, adding that the commission which comprised of political appointees could not conduct free, fair and transparent elections.

He said that political parties trying to fool people gave an impression that they formed an independent commission. He said that no doubt Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruudin G Ebrahim enjoyed good reputation, but he could not deliver at the age of 81.

He alleged that political parties, comprising of tax evaders ‘skillfully’ did not give the full power to the chief election commissioner, rather he is forced  to depend on politically appointed members, who are just protecting the rights of some political parties.

The MQI Chief suggested the CEC to tender resignation.

Allama Tahirul Qadri said that he did not want to derail democracy instead he has been struggling for real democracy. Talking about election schedule, he said, “I want elections should take place within 90 days but under the constitution of Pakistan and People representation Act, 1976.”

Clearing his position, he said that he does not want to be part of a caretaker set-up. “I want to be the caretaker of the nation rather, the caretaker PM,” he added.

He said that he is staging sit-in just to save the country from dismemberment. He requested Imran Khan to join hands with him, as both have same agenda of change.

Referring to the Supreme Court’s order to arrest Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, he said, “Those who are trying to link the Supreme Court order with my sit-in must be ashamed themselves.”

Dr Qadri asked the PM to resign as he has no legal and moral ground to remain PM anymore.

On Wednesday, Kohsar Police registered an FIR against Dr Tahirul Qadri and dozens of his supporters for creating law and order situation. The FIR was registered on the complaint of SHO Bhara Kahu, who was injured on Tuesday during a scuffle with TMQ activists and police. Police nominated Tahirul Qadri, Hanif Mustafavi, Abrar Raza and 21 other activist of MQI for disturbance of public order and attempted murder and snatching weapons from police.

When Dr Qadri was delivering speech, he was told about the FIR. To which Dr Qadri strongly criticised Interior Minister Rehman Malik and said the minister tried to kidnap him, however, due to resistance of women marchers’ police had to run away.


  1. I am on my way to pakistan not to support qadri or imran khan or anyone else but to support what he is standing for. I was waiting for Pakistan to wake up and fight for its rights and finally the people have got to Parliament. This protest should have happened ages ago. There is a robber in charge of a nation wake up oh pakistani.
    Ay marday mujahid jaag zara ab waqte shahadat hai aya

  2. dr tahir ul qadri is great person he is not fighting for his own fame or to rule on pak but he is fighting for the freedom protection of his nation and govt people should respect him and should use good language about him because he is respectable man

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