Doctors arrested for illegal kidney removals


Two doctors accused of removing kidneys while operating upon patients without the latter’s permission were arrested on Tuesday by Baghbanpura police.
Baghbanpura SHO Mazhar Iqbal told Pakistan Today that the arrested doctors had five cases registered against them.
“These doctors were caught red-handed while operating upon a patient to remove his kidney in order to plant it to another patient one year ago,” he said.
“They were arrested by the North Cantonment police, who registered four cases against them,” the SHO said.
He added that another case had been registered against them in Gulshan Iqbal police station.
“These doctors had been working with the kidney trade mafia since 2007 and had allegedly removed the kidneys of more than 25 people without the permission of the patient,” the SHO said.
An arrested doctor said, “We buy a kidney for Rs 100, 000 and sell it for Rs 1 million.”
Ahmed Yaar, a victim of the arrested doctors, told Pakistan Today that he had a minor stomachache due to which he went to a local clinic.
“When I was leaving the clinic, two men came to me and offered me free medical assistance. They took me to a clinic in DHA where two doctors gave me anesthesia and operated upon me. When I woke up they gave Rs 8, 000 and told me that I will be fine now,” he said.
“A few months later I had severe pain in my kidney and I got checked in a hospital in Bahawalnagar. The doctor told me that one of my kidneys had been removed,” he said. Ahmed Yaar said he was the sole bread winner of his family and it was impossible for him to work now.
“The government should take strict action against the culprits,” he said.